Obtaining Patient Feedback

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Obtaining Patient Feedback


There are a number of ways to obtain patient and family feedback. Obtaining feedback from patients and families often provides the practice with information and perspectives that might not be immediately evident to physicians and staff. Changes that may seem small to a practice, might be considered tremendously beneficial by patients and families. 

Options for obtaining patient and family feedback are outlined below, along with resources to help guide practices in implementing each approach.

Suggestion Box
A physical suggestion box for patients and families to submit anonymous suggestions could be placed in a prominent location within the practice. Practices have also utilized an online suggestion box as part of their practice Web site for patients and families to submit their suggestions virtually. Practice leadership should review all suggestions that have been submitted on a regular basis and determine whether any action is needed.

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Patient Experience Surveys
Practices can distribute a formal survey tool to patients and families. One example of a free tool is the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's (AHRQ) CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS), which assesses patients' and families' experiences with health care providers and staff in doctors' offices. There is a child version of the survey tool, for use with pediatric populations. The tool can be downloaded free of charge, and also includes tips on customizing and fielding the survey. Additional information can be found here.

Family Advisory Groups
Establish a Family Advisory Group to provide input on the practice, and guidance on potential improvements the practice might make to improve patient and family experience. 


Creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council: A Toolkit for Pediatric Practices, National Initiative for Children's Health Quality 

​Family Advisory Group "How to" Video (National Center for Medical Home Implementation) (8:57 minutes)

Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey

Sample Patient Satisfaction Policy

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