Referrals & Test Tracking


​Referrals & Test Tracking

The Importance of Referrals
A referral is a recommendation for additional evaluation, treatment, and/or other services provided to a patient/family that will assist to ensure adequate continuity and coordination of care. Referrals are typically required for patients/families to receive proper care at additional facilities and/or entities; such as specialists. Referrals are even required for transfer/transition to other entities for appropriate care.

Sample AAP Referral Policies:

Referral Tracking Policy  

Referring to a Specialist Policy 

The Importance of Test Tracking
Test tracking is a vital part in assuring quality medical care. The process required to provide information from ordered tests will help to ensure that results are made available to both the provider as well as the patient in a timely manner.

Sample AAP Test Tracking Policies: 

Diagnostic Test Ordering, Tracking, and Notification Policy 

Laboratory and Imaging Tracking Policy 

Tests: Ordering, Tracking and Reporting Policy 

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