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The Secret of Sleep: Birth to 6 Months - 10/pk [Brochure]


Price: $40.00
Member Price: $35.00

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NEW! Parents will learn about normal sleep patterns, the importance of sleep, sleep routines, and sleep training in this booklet. This overview offers reassuring advice and safe techniques that parents can use to help ensure their infant and the whole family gets the sleep they need. Excerpted from The CALM Baby Method: Solutions for Fussy Days and Sleepless Nights.

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  • Product Code: HE0590
  • Publication Date: February 3, 2023
  • Format: Brochure
  • Pages: 21
  • Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Availability: In Stock

The Secret of Sleep: Birth to 6 Months - 10/pk [Brochure]

Price:: 40.00

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