Join the Council on Children and Disasters today.  Enhance your career by helping children.

Council on Children and Disasters (COCD) membership is open to AAP members and affiliate members who express an interest in and commitment to enhancing disaster management through collaborations and sharing of experiences, strategies, successes, and challenges.

The council will help you:

  • Become aware of the latest disaster management policies, breaking news, and research.
  • Learn how to make a greater impact by getting involved in regional, state, hospital, and health care coalition planning for children.
  • Lead or join a council subcommittee.
  • Grow your career through education and mentorship.

As a member of the AAP Council on Children and Disasters, you will enjoy the following member benefits:

  • Training on different aspects and levels of disaster planning.
  • Mentorship by colleagues who advocate and create policy at national levels.
  • Updates on disaster management activities and issues/situations emerging around the country.
  • Networking with colleagues through council listserv® discussions.
  • Connection to a leadership team specializing in emerging threats and disaster management through subcommittee activities and council newsletters/e-bulletins.
  • Opportunities to contribute to the development of policy statements, resources, educational programming and other council projects.
  • Opportunity to receive honoraria for best abstract selection.
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