The PPMA is directed by an Executive Committee, which is elected by PPMA members who are eligible to vote. The Executive Committee members may be elected for two 3-year terms, for a total of 6 years. The Chairperson may serve for two 2- year terms, for a total of 10 years on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets two times a year: once in the Fall at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition and once in the Spring.

PPMA Leadership Team:

Jill Venskytis, CMM, HITCM-PP
Springfield, PA

Cheryl Elkins Arnold, MHSA, FACMPE
Benton, AR

Rachel Bakersmith
Rockville, MD

Kimberly Brennan, MBA, CMPE
West Palm Beach, FL

Paula Kovacs
Willow Grove, PA

Holly Parlavecchio, RN
Raritan, NJ



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