Executive Committee

Christopher P. Rizzo MD, FAAP
Strongsville, OH

Mitchell R Goldstein MD, FAAP
Immediate Past Chairperson
Loma Linda, CA

Soo Hyun Kwon MD, FAAP
Executive Committee Member
New Haven, CT

Amy Molten MD, FAAP
Executive Committee Member Industry
Carlisle, MA

Vasum Peiris MD, MPH, FACC, FASE
Executive Committee Member FDA
Silver Spring, MD

Arun Kumar Pramanik MD, FAAP
Executive Commitee Member
Shreveport, LA

Jacqueline Angela Williams-Phillips MD, FAAP
Executive Committee Member
Somerset, NJ

Francis Dick-Wai Chan MD, FAAP
Liaison to COCIT
Loma Linda, CA

Carly Schuetz, MD, FAAP
SOECP Liaison
St Louis, MO


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