The Section on Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics is dedicated to improving the care of infants, children and adolescents by providing a forum where clinicians, clinical investigators, pharmacologists, pharmacists and others inform and support rational therapeutics for children. The SOCPT serves as a professional multidisciplinary community that leverages the expertise, experience and interests of its members to drive pharmacology and therapeutics education, policy, advocacy and professional engagement/enrichment.

Our section's goals include:

  • Encouraging safe medication use through the promotion of best practices, participation in campaigns and scientific meetings
  • Keeping members informed of new and emerging science, labeling changes, and important safety information with implications for clinical practice
  • Supporting legislative and regulatory reforms/innovation that advance the discovery, safety, efficacy, and labeling of medications for children
  • Serving as a technical resource for the AAP, lawmakers, researchers, and pediatric community at large.
  • Fostering professional competency and enrichment
  • Establishing new partnerships and relationships that contribute to the mission of the section and advance AAP strategic priorities.
  • Growing and sustaining the membership of our section to broaden its base of pharmacology expertise, stimulate interest in the profession, and affirm the Academy’s leadership posture as a voice for children.
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