Walter W. Tunnessen & Janice L. Pelletier Visiting Professorships

The AAP Section on Dermatology sponsors the Walter W. Tunnessen, Jr. In-Person Visiting Professorship and the Janice L. Pelletier Virtual Visiting Professorship.

Dr. Tunnessen was a consummate educator and clinician who devoted much of his career to teaching about skin disorders in children and adolescents.

Dr. Pelletier spent her career practicing and teaching pediatric dermatology. She was a tireless advocate ensuring the best health for children and the best education and resources for those physicians who looked after pediatric patients.

The intent of the visiting professorships, named in honor of Drs Tunnessen and Pelletier, is to bring an expert in pediatric dermatology to pediatric residency programs to enhance education about dermatologic disease.

Interested institutions that possess a pediatric residency program, particularly those without access to an expert in pediatric dermatology, are encouraged to apply by completing an application.

The Section on Dermatology will oversee the program and provide an honorarium to the Visiting Professors.

View the list of visiting professorships that have been awarded.

Walter W. Tunnessen & Janice L. Pelletier Visiting Professorships program is supported by the AAP Section on Dermatology.

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