Section Membership is open to the following Member types: ​

  • Corresponding Fellows
  • Fellows
  • Honorary Fellows
  • National Affiliates
  • Senior Members
  • Specialty Fellows

Senior Members - $0

All other eligible National member types - $20*
*In addition to national dues

Special Requirements: Must be 55 years or older and interested in contributing to the objectives of the section.

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Membership FAQs

What is the difference between this Senior Member category and the AAP Section on Senior members (SOSM)?
Sections of the AAP were developed for members who share a pediatric subspecialty, surgical specialty, special area of interest, or stage of life (for example, the Surgery, the Bioethics, and the Senior sections).

Membership categories are simply how one is an AAP member (like the Resident, the International, and now the new Senior categories of membership).

What are the criteria for the Senior Member category?
All national AAP members are eligible for the Senior Member category when they meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • Good standing members who have reached the age of 70 … OR ...
  • Members age 65 or older and no longer derive income from professional employment

(Those who were already Emeritus or Retired category members have been automatically been rolled into the new Senior Member category, whether they met the criteria or not.)

What are the dues for the Senior Member category?
Dues are $20.

Are there special dues for over 80 years old?
For Senior members 80 and over, the national dues are waived.

Is the Senior Member category a mix of board-certified and non-board certified members?
Yes, all national members are eligible for the Senior Member category. Those who were previously FAAP will retain their FAAP designation.


Is senior member category automatic or do you have to request it? 
Not automatic; eligible members must request to switch to the Senior Member category. Change your membership category here.

What privileges are included?

  • FAAP Designation (for previous FAAP members only)
  • Inclusion in and access to Member Directory
  • Inclusion in the Find a Pediatrician search tool, upon request
  • Can Serve on National Committees
  • Can vote in AAP elections (FAAP members only)

What benefits are included?

  • AAP News (online and print)
  • Automatic membership in the Senior Section at no additional cost
  • Discounted pricing on AAP publications, subscriptions, meetings
  • Discounted travel through CONCUR, the AAP Travel Office's on-line travel booking agent
  • Member discount programs
  • eBreaking News and On-Call alerts
  • Key Contact Network
  • Access to members-only content on all Academy Web sites
  • PediaLink
  • Pediatrics (online, print by request)
  • Red Book Online (print by request)
  • Section/Council membership​

Is Senior Member status required for membership in the Section On Senior Members (SOSM)?
No. Senior Member status is not required for membership in the Section on Senior Members (SOSM). The SOSM is an official section of the AAP which requires only that the member is 55 years old or older.

After changing to the senior member category, are the dues for the Section on Senior Members the same?
Once one changes to the Senior Member category, dues for the Section on Senior Members (SOSM) are waived. ​


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