Climate change poses significant threats to human health, safety and security.  Children are especially vulnerable to the health effects and other impacts of climate change. 

The resources below provide information on the health impacts that climate change can have on children.

Climate Change Overview

Rising global temperatures are causing major physical, chemical and ecological changes across the planet. Climate change poses threats to human health, safety, and security, and children are uniquely vulnerable to these threats.

Children breathe faster than adults, spend more time outdoors, and experience critical periods of development during which they are particularly vulnerable to environmental hazards, including those caused by climate change. Climate change can put children at a higher risk of heat-related illness, increase the incidence of asthmatic and allergic diseases, and contribute to the expansion of infectious diseases. 

Climate change associated weather disasters pose a significant risk for children. These events may cause immediate risks, such as death and injury.  Following the initial weather disaster, these events may also affect children through displacement, interruption in education, disruptions in health care delivery and mental health consequences for children and their family members, which can have lifelong impacts for affected children. 

Furthermore, the health impacts of climate change are greatest for children and communities already experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage. 

Climate solutions are vital to protecting all children’s health today, and to ensuring a safe and prosperous world for their future. 

AAP Recommendations

Review AAP recommendations from the “Climate Change and Children’s Health: Building a Healthy Future for Every Child” policy statement.


Professional Tools & Resources

Resources for Families

AAP Voices Blog: Climate Change

AAP Voices is the official blog of the American Academy of Pediatrics, where AAP member pediatricians and others share their perspectives on a wide variety of topics relating to children's health and wellness. ​​Review blog entries related to climate change and the impact on children's health.


External Partners

Video: Climate Change and How Pediatricians Can Help

The AAP has partnered with ecoAmerica through their Climate for Health program to develop a new video “Our Children, Our Future: Why the AAP is Leading on Climate Change and How Pediatricians Can Help.” View the video here.

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These AAP groups and resources can provide additional information on Enviornmental Health and Climate Change.

Podcasts and Voices Blogs

Learn what others are saying. Listen to our podcasts and read our blog posts.

Environmental Health - Episode 25

In this episode hosts David Hill, MD, FAAP, and Joanna Parga-Belinkie, MD, FAAP, focus on environmental health. They talk to Aparna Bole, MD, FAAP, chair of the AAP Council on Environmental Health, about how climate change and pollution affect children. 

Pediatrics on Call


October 13, 2020

Air Pollution's Effects on Child Health - Episode 74

In this episode Catherine Karr, MD, PhD, FAAP, co-author of the AAP policy statement on ambient air pollution, explains how pediatricians can help families in clinic and through advocacy. 

Pediatrics on Call


August 10, 2021

Time to Step Up Efforts to protect Children from Climate Change

Dr. Jerome Paulson calls on pediatricians to step up their efforts to protect their patients from climate change.

Voices Blog


September 25, 2019

​Using Tools We Have to Ensure a Healthy Environment for Children

Through collective action and strong policy advocacy, hare are things we can do to ensure a healthy climate that allows all children to grow, learn, and thrive.

Voices Blog


April 15, 2020

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