You are families’ most trusted source of immunization information. Use these resources to communicate effectively.

  • AAP Immunization Campaign Toolkit
    This Immunization Campaign Toolkit offers infographics, memes, images, articles and videos, optimized for sharing on social media, that you can use to help provide accurate information about vaccines to parents in your networks
  • Communicating Effectively About Immunizations
    The AAP offers communication aids, such as childhood and adolescent flipcharts, and risk communication videos to guide your vaccine conversations with parents.
  • Responding to Common Parental Concerns
    You may hear some concerns or questions from parents about vaccines. Use this tool to access clear facts about common concerns parents may have.
  • Vaccine Hesitant Parents
    Learn more about the types of parental attitudes toward immunizations and simple strategies for speaking to parents about vaccines.
  • PediaLink
    Learn more about specific immunization topics through our courses.
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