Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can be an important tool for treating nicotine dependence in youth. Many pediatricians are uncertain about how to use this medication with adolescents, especially those who are under 18 years old. This page is intended to help pediatricians make informed decisions about using NRT with patients who wish to quit smoking or vaping.

For best results, patients should be advised to pair a long-acting form of NRT (eg, nicotine patch) with a shorter-acting form (eg, gum, lozenge, spray, or inhaler). This combination therapy allows the patient to keep a steady level of nicotine in their bloodstream throughout the day, while also responding to cravings. In addition, patients should be advised that NRT works best when paired with behavioral counseling interventions. For more resources on helping youth quit tobacco, nicotine products, and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, please visit our main page

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