Missouri currently operates two Section 2703 Health Home programs with a focus on primary care and behavioral health integration that work in tandem to deliver improved care for qualifying children and adult Medicaid beneficiaries.

In October 2011, Missouri became the first state in the nation to receive approval of a Medicaid Health Home State Plan Amendment (SPA) to implement its Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) Healthcare Home program. This program is designed to improve the quality of care delivered to individuals with qualifying physical and mental health conditions. Through the program, participating CMHCs co-locate physical and behavioral health care services in the mental health setting in an effort to increase access to integrated and comprehensive care.

In December 2011, Missouri received approval for a second SPA to implement Primary Care Health Homes (PCHH) specifically targeting individuals with multiple, qualifying chronic physical conditions. Primary Care Health Homes share many of the same core elements as CMHC Healthcare Homes and include behavioral health staff in primary care settings to ensure access to integrated care.

Though the two programs are administered via separate state agencies—the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the Missouri Department of Social Services—the state has made a conscious effort to coordinate between the two programs to ensure effective and efficient implementation.

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