​Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Center for Care Coordination launched in 1996 and began providing care coordination services to children with chronic and complex medical conditions. Since then, the Center has expanded to serve children and families with a variety of special health care needs, as well as serving vulnerable children who are at risk for developing delays and disorders. The initiative is funded in part by the state's Maternal and Child Health Title V/Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs program as part of the Connecticut Medical Home Initiative and served 1460 children/families last year. All care coordination services offered through the Center are free of charge to families and children.

Connecticut's Department of Public Health has five regions, with a care coordination center providing services to each region. Connecticut Children's Center for Care Coordination services the north central region and provides technical assistance and support to care coordination centers in four additional regions.


​Implementation Insights:

  • Understand the care coordination needs of your target population and hire staff with appropriate clinical and non-clinical expertise to meet these needs.
  • Utilize the Strengthening Families Protective Factors framework to build resilience, support social connection, and enhance provision of family-centered care coordination.
  • Leverage various technology platforms to communicate care plans and other care coordination activities with primary care providers.
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