The overarching goal of the former NCMHI family engagement quality improvement project (FEQIP) was to improve family engagement in pediatric primary care practices. This was accomplished by increasing knowledge of concepts and implementation strategies related to family engagement among participating practice teams and increasing the capacity of participating teams to make practice improvements related to family engagement. The FEQIP was implemented over the course of ten months with eight primary care pediatric practices participating. 

Participating teams reported a 77.8% increase in knowledge of family engagement.
All participants reported clinical improvements due to the project, such as focusing on family strengths and implementing shared plans of care.

Most participants reported improvements made at the practice-level, such as adding front desk staff to increase capacity and encouraging parents to speak at staff meetings.
More information about lessons learned during the FEQIP can be found in the Enhancing Family Engagement through Quality Improvement: Lessons Learned from the Family Engagement Quality Improvement Project fact sheet.

Contact the NRC-PFCMH for technical assistance and resources to support your family engagement quality improvement efforts.

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