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The AAP's global mission is to attain optimal physical, mental, and social health and well being for all children around the world. To accomplish this mission, the Academy will, through its Office of International Affairs (OIA), support the professional needs and interests of its membership to work internationally, identify organizations that can further the international mission of the AAP, and collaborate with them efficiently.

Section on International Child Health (SOICH)

SOICH has nearly a thousand members who work together to actively enhance the health and well-being of children globally—particularly those living in low resource settings—through impact-oriented education, advocacy, and service delivery. The AAP SOICH Web site offers comprehensive information describing its mission, programs, services, and membership. Please visit the SOICH Web site and explore how best you too, can become involved!

International Child Health Network (ICHN)

International Child Health Network (ICHN) is a free and open service designed to establish connections that foster cooperation on a variety of health projects including relief and development work, humanitarian service, equipment/supply donation, education, research, fundraising, and visitor exchange. Please visit the ICHN and participate to establish connections that foster cooperation around the world.

International Access to Child Health (ICATCH) Program

The ICATCH program gives financial and technical support to pediatricians in developing countries who are in the process of developing and implementing a community-based child health initiative. For more information about this funding opportunity and the current cycle, please visit ICATCH.

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