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Help - MyAAP


-What is MyAAP? MyAAP is the new Member Center containing member-only and member specific information. When members come to the AAP site, they will have to log in to see the MyAAP link at the top right of the home page. Members who are logged on will be able to see member-only materials throughout the web site alongside publicly available materials. This will provide a unified, integrated experience. You can also click on MyAAP to display your specific membership information, including membership status and renewal date, as well as other features and details of your membership.

-What does MyAAP do differently than the current Member Center? MyAAP has all of the same information in a personalized, easy to navigate format. It also includes many new features such as tabs for My Benefits, My CME, and My Subscriptions.
-How to Become a Member? To become a member, click on the Become a Member link from the home page.
-How do I know if I am within MyAAP versus the public area of the site? Under the dark blue navigation bar at the top of the page, you’ll see a light blue bar that lists a series of page names. These are the breadcrumbs showing you each page you have accessed to get where you currently are.

-How do I know if I’m looking at members-only information?  Members who have logged on may not realize they are looking at member-only content because everything is available to them. Members not logged on and non-members will see a small lock icon next to member-only content. Clicking on these links will open a login page.
-Where can I find the Member Benefits & Discount Programs information?  This information can be seen on the Become a Member page. Members can view benefits and discount program information in MyAAP under the My Benefits tab or under Membership Matters.
-How do I get to Online Services? A link to Online Services is at the top right “accordion” on the homepage. It is also accessible on the MyAAP landing page labeled 'my account.’  Online Services is the area where you can do the following:
  • Pay dues
  • Renew a subscription
  • TAC code activation
  • Register for a course / meeting
  • Update / Access their profile information
Where can I find AAP Policy Statements?
AAP polices reside on a site call AAP Policy.  The AAP Policy site was not redesigned within Release 1.0 of  There are several ways that will assist with helping you find these policy statements including:

  • Click on Advocacy/Policy in the top navigation
  • Go to Professional Resources>AAP Policy
  • You can also use the Search feature and search only policy statements. Simply use the drop down box at the top of the search results page to filter your results