MID Career Neonatologists​


This subgroup of the Section on Neonatal- Perinatal Medicine (SONPM) consists of neonatologists who are members of the AAP SONPM and who completed their fellowship in neonatal-perinatal medicine between 7 and 17 years ago.

In addition to the general objectives and mission of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as set forth in its Constitution, and the objectives and mission of the SONPM as set forth in its bylaws and manual of operations, the mission and vision of this subgroup shall be: 

MidCaN Mission Statement:

To improve the health and outcomes of the newborn infant, as well as the pregnant woman and fetus, through the sponsorship of programs for mid-career neonatologists that encourage their professional growth and increase their ability to improve care delivery, support post-graduate and continuing education, foster scientific research, advocate for patients and their families, and increase their leadership within the neonatology community.  

MidCaN Vision Statement:

To create a dynamic and vibrant group of mid-career neonatologists within the AAP SONPM that will support ongoing career development and development of leadership skills in its members while fostering and increasing active SoNPM membership and participation. 

Mid-CaN Executive Committee

Co-Chair           Alexis Davis
Co-Chair           Dena Hubbard
Secretary          Andi Duncan
Treasurer          Munish Gupta

MidCaN leadership would like to recognize and thank the following individuals, without whom this organization and ongoing programs would not be possible. Rick Skaar and Mead Johnson Nutrition for gracious financial support, SONPM leadership, and Jim Couto for loyal administrative support. Lastly we would like to thank Renate Savich and Andy Hopper for institutional wisdom, mentoring by way of their individual leadership skills, and their initiative to make this organization a reality.

​Mid-Career Neonatologists (MidCaN) inaugural meeting at NCE 

​The inaugural meeting of MidCaN was held in October 2016, during the AAP National Conference and Exhibition in San Francisco. Over 30 mid-career neonatologists (7-17 years post fellowship) attended. The meeting agenda included a welcome by SONPM Chair Renate Savich and a panel discussion led by MidCaN executive committee members. Topics discussed included Medical Directorship by Alexis Davis, Quality Improvement and Leadership in the AAP by Munish Gupta, Program Development by Andrea Duncan, and Hospital Leadership and Interface with Corporate Health Systems by Dena Hubbard. This was followed by an interactive session on "Mindful Practice: Building Health Professional Resilience and Teamwork", led by Mick Krasner, MD and Patricia Lück, MD. The meeting concluded with an open forum discussion regarding the needs, interests, and concerns of mid-career neonatologists in both community and academic practices and the organizational structure of MidCaN. District representatives from the twelve districts of the AAP were introduced. Several state representatives were appointed as well. 

SONPM members are welcome to participate in this interest group. MidCaN neonatologists interested in leadership positions should contact one of the executive committee members or email. Annual meetings will be held at the Scottsdale Perinatal Workshop in the spring, and AAP NCE in the fall. 

Mid-CaN Council

The MidCaN Council consists of the Executive Committee and a member selected from each of the10 AAP Districts. Terms for District representatives are 4 years. In addition, each state has selected a representative. Several states still need a representative so let us know if you are interested.

Mid-CaN Executive Committee
Alexis Davis
Andi Duncan
Munish Gupta
Dena Hubbard

Mid-CaN District Representatives
District 1           Heather Burris, MD
District 2           Tara Randis, MD
District 3           Heather French, MD
District 4           Alan Picarillo, MD
District 5           Wells Logan, MD
District 6           Josh Petrikin, MD
District 7           Mobolaji Famuyide, MD
District 8           Luca Brunelli, MD
District 9           Kurlen Payton, MD
District 10         Trent Tipple, MD 

Mid-CaN State Representatives
Eric Horowitz, MD                       Massachusettes 
Lisa Eiland, MD                           New York
Folasade Kehinde, MD               Pennsylvania
Ryan Moore, MD                         North Carolina
Alla Kushnir, MD                         New Jersey
Johnathan Swanson, MD            Virginia Beena
Kamath-Rayne, MD                    Ohio
Kate Stanley, MD                        Michigan
Suzanne Reuter, MD                  South Dakota
Akshaya Vachharajani, MD         Missouri
Ranjit Kylathu, MD                      Arizona
Jose Tolosa, MD                         Florida
Adrian Lavery, MD                      California

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