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Committee on Membership

The Committee on Membership (COM) serves as an advisory committee to the AAP Board of Directors on matters pertaining to membership in the AAP. The COM is comprised of members representing the 10 districts and various member demographic groups. The COM considers future economic, practice, and societal trends that will exert influence on the various categories of AAP membership and make recommendations to the Board for benefit, policy and/or bylaw revisions. COM responds to requests from members, committees, sections, council, chapters, the Board or AAP staff, to review existing, or establish new, membership policy.

Mission of the Committee on Membership:

To provide the AAP Board of Directors with information and ideas to recruit, retain, and engage members in the AAP, Sections, Councils, and Chapters, and to serve as a liaison between the board leadership and general membership.


  1. To understand and help advise AAP leadership on how to meet the needs of the changing membership of the AAP.

  2. To help create new ideas for member value based on grassroots needs and ideas.

  3. To help members understand the value of AAP National, Section, Council, and Chapter Membership.

  4. To help identify challenges at both national and chapter levels and bring them to the attention of AAP leaders.

  5. To support leadership development and subsequent leader engagement in the AAP (sections/councils and chapters).

  6. To promote diversity in the leadership of the AAP.

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