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Samuel J. Fomon Nutrition Award

Since its establishment in 1944, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Nutrition Award (renamed the AAP Samuel J. Fomon Nutrition Award in 2008) recognizes an individual or a project for outstanding achievement in research relating to the nutrition of infants and children. The award is made for research conducted in the United States and Canada that has been completed or publicly reported. The award is open to all regardless of age. No current member of the Committee on Nutrition or liaison shall be eligible for the award.

Nominations must be in writing and should be limited to one per nominator. The letter should contain a description of the nominee's achievements and state clearly the basis for the recommendation (including references to the literature that describes his/her work). It is requested that the nominee's curriculum vitae, bibliography, and nominating letter be submitted. Letters supporting the nomination (no more than five) are to be solicited and screened by the nominator and forwarded to the attention of:

Debra Burrowes, Manager
Division of Technical and Medical Services
American Academy of Pediatrics
345 Park Boulevard
Itasca, IL 60143

The Academy appreciates your effort to assist in the appropriate selection of a deserving person for this award. The selection of the Award recipient is made by the Committee on Nutrition of the American Academy of Pediatrics, contingent upon approval by the Board of Directors.

The Nutrition Award provides an honorarium of $3000, a round trip tourist class airfare and two days lodging for the recipient and a guest to attend the award presentation dinner in the fall at the AAP Headquarters in Itasca, Illinois.

Recipients of the Nutrition Award for the past five decades, 1969-present, include:

Alan Lucas​
Sonia Caprio​
Steven A. Abrams
​Christopher P. Duggan
​Michael K. Georgieff
​Zulfiqar A. Bhutta
2012Satish C. Kalhan
2011Cutberto Garza
2010Nancy F Krebs
2009Stanley H Zlotkin
2008Virginia A Stallings
2007Dennis M Bier
2006William Dietz
2005William W Hay, Jr
2004Samuel J Fomon
2003Ronald J Sokol
2002Paul Pencharz
2001Richard Grand
2000Margit Hamosh
1999Ernesto Pollitt
1998Emanuel Lebenthal
1997Buford L Nichols
1996Russell W Chesney
1995Frank A Oski
1994William C Heird
1993Louis Underwood
1992Laurence Finberg
1991Frederick C Battaglia
1990Robert Schwartz
1989Reginald C Tsang
1988Lloyd Jackson Filer and Ekhard E Ziegler
1987K Michael Hambidge
1986Otakar Koldovsky
1985Tibor Heim
1984W Allan Walker
1983J Richard Hamilton
1982Peter R Dallman
1981Delbert A Fisher
1980William L Nyhan
1979Abraham M Rudolph
1978Gerald E Gaull
1977George G Graham
1976Harry Shwachman
1975Selma Synderman
1974Robert W Winters
1973Leon E Rosenberg and Charles R Scriver
1972Lewis A Barness
1971Melvin M Grumbach
1970Albert Dorfman
1969Norman Kretchmer

This award is supported through a grant from the International Formula Council.
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