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Welcome to the
Residents & New Hospitalists Subcommittee page of the Section on Hospital Medicine website.

Neha Joshi, MD, Subcommittee Chair

  • Mentorship Information: In residency and early in your career (or early in your second career), it is crucial to have mentors. Mentors can help you optimize educational opportunities as well as broaden book knowledge with expert opinion.
  • A Useful QI Resource: A guiding principle of the network is that the 70% of children hospitalized at non-children’s hospitals deserve the same access to collaborative data and quality of care afforded in children’s hospitals.
  • Executive Committee Pearls of Wisdom
Questions to Ask Yourself
  • What are my career goals?
  • Will this fellowship help me meet these career goals? 
  • Am I interested in obtaining an additional degree?
  • Am I interested in research of any type?