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The Leslie C. Ellwood Award

Leslie Ellwood, MD, FAAP, a 1968 graduate of the University of Florida College of Medicine, entered the Navy through the Ensign 1915 and Senior Medical Student Program while in medical school. After graduation, he completed a rotating internship and pediatrics residency at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. His first assignment was as staff pediatrician, Naval Hospital, Long Beach, CA. While there, he became a Fellow of the AAP and volunteered to be the editor of the Military Section Newsletter in 1974, a post he held until 1987. As editor, he promoted military pediatrics as a field that required special knowledge and skills in managing the military child and family. He published abstracts of military physician research presented at Uniformed Services Pediatric Seminars, advocated for the military child, featured the history of military pediatrics, and promoted membership in the AAP and SOUS. He created the military pediatric directory in 1979 to support the concept that military pediatrics was one specialty within the uniformed services and to share information about all military medical sites that had pediatric services.

In 1981, the AAP confirmed the special status of military pediatricians by authorizing the creation of two military Chapters. In 1982, Dr Ellwood became the secretary treasurer of the new AAP Chapter East. Just prior to his retirement from the Navy in 1987, Dr Ellwood completed a study of Vietnam casualties that showed that management of at least 80% of war disease casualties were within a pediatrician’s competency. As Director of Education at the Navy Health Sciences Education and Training Command, he worked with the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences to incorporate field medical training into the USU medical school curriculum.

In civilian life, Dr Ellwood has been a primary care pediatrician, pediatric department chief, and quality improvement physician for the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. He remained active within the AAP, serving on the Accreditation Review Committee for Physician Assistant Programs from 1987-1994, and was the AAP commissioner and charter member of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs from 1994-2000. He joined the AAP Virginia Chapter and served as chair of several committees. He was elected delegate at large for four years, directed the 2000 Chapter CME meeting and rose to Chapter president from 2004 to 2006. He represents the Chapter on several organizational boards and state committees, where he is a constant advocate for children and pediatricians. Dr Ellwood currently serves as the President of the Medical Society of Northern Virginia.

Over the last 18 years, the Leslie Elwood lecture has been given yearly as the keynote address at the Uniformed Services Pediatric Seminar in honor of CAPT Elwood’s tireless efforts on behalf of uniformed pediatricians and his outstanding work within the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Leslie C. Ellwood Award Past Recipients
​Year Topic​ ​Honorary Speaker
​2012 What Every General Pediatrician Needs to Know About Childhood Mental Health in 2012 Peter Jensen, MD
​2011 Pediatrics in the First Quarter of the 21st Century - A View from the American Board of Pediatrics James Stockman, MD
​2010 The Rebirth of Pediatrics: Why Pediatric Practice and Policies Must Change Paul Wise, MD
​2009 The Pediatrician and Disaster Preparedness Sarita Chung, MD
​2008 QI in HealthCare: Is It Worth the Effort John C. Buculavas, MD
​2007 Influenza Pandemics:  Past and Future Threats Jeffrey Taubenberger, MD
​2006 Reach Out and Read Perri Klass, MD
​2005 Dale Smith
​2004 Worldwide Childhood Health Sally Stanfield
​2003 The Human Genome Project: After the Sequence, On to Health Center Alan Guttmacher, MD
​2002 Bioterrorism:  Threat and Response Ted Cieslak, MD
​2001 No title -  A review of space adventures Jerry L. Ross, Astronaut
​2000 Humanitarian Emergencies Skip Burklehamer,  MD
​1999 James A. Zimble, MD
​1998 Science, Dogma, Serendipity and Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Observation, Hypothesis, Authority and Evolution of Medical Dogma Val Hemming, MD
​1997 Managed Care, CME, and the Future of Pediatric Education Errol Alden, MD
​1996 The Future of Military Pediatrics VADM Harold M. Koenig, USN
​1995 Overview of Ethics In Our Changing World Norman Frost, MD, MPH
​1994 National Health Care Reform and the Practice of Pediatrics Joe Sanders, MD
​1988 This was the inaugural Leslie Ellwood Lecture CDR Joel Labow (USN)