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Mission and Goals


The mission of the SOECP is to ensure our members achieve a successful and fulfilling start to their chosen career path and build a strong foundation for their career that optimizes clinical care, advocacy for children and child health, and leadership within the AAP, our profession of pediatrics, and our communities.  This mission will be accomplished through education, connectivity to essential resources and to each other, engagement within the AAP and profession, and leadership development and skill-building. 

  • The AAP and SOECP are perceived as a highly valued and essential professional home for early career pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, and pediatric surgical specialists.
  • SOECP members are connected to one another, and the essential resources they need.
  • SOECP members have achieved the work-life balance they desire for health and happiness.
  • SOECP members are leading effectively and making the difference they desire to make. ​
Core Values:
  • Children, families, and our profession need a healthy and vital AAP
  • Early career physicians are prepared to lead and engage now, and shape the future of the AAP
  • Optimizing engagement of early career physicians will optimize their professional and personal fulfillment
  • The health of physicians is essential to delivering high quality care and sustainability of our profession
  • Connectivity matters-Physicians can achieve far greater outcomes together than any individual alone
  • Optimal pediatric care is delivered by an effective pediatric care team 

SOECP Strategic Plan:
  • Improve the Early Career Physician member experience within the AAP and SOECP
  • Increase Early Career Physician engagement
  • Expand leadership development opportunities for Early Career Physicians
  • Provide physician wellness resources for Early Career Physician members