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As a member of the Section on Early Career Physicians (SOECP), you have access to the section's Listservs. The purpose of the Listservs is to provide a forum for idea sharing, information gathering, and networking.

The SOECP manages a handful of Listservs:

District Listservs: This is setup by district so that you can communicate with your district representative and the other early career physicians within your district. You are automatically added to this listserv when you join the Section.

SOECP Liaison Listserv: This Listserv if for all Section Liaisons to communicate with one another, as well as for the Chair to share important updates with all of the Liaisons.  

SOECP Council Listserv: This Listserv is for the SOECP District leadership, Chapter leadership and SOECP Liaisons to interact with one another.​

Click here to access instructions on how to create an email digest for this LISTSERV®.