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Policy and Advocacy


​The COQIPS Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC) addresses quality improvement (QI) and patient safety policy issues on behalf of children and youth. The field of QI is evolving rapidly. The work of the PAC includes keeping COQIPS and AAP leadership informed as to changes and additions in quality improvement, quality measurement, and patient safety policies developed by the federal government, health care organizations, and other national stakeholder groups. In addition, the PAC identifies opportunities for the AAP to develop child health QI and patient safety policies and clinical guidance for AAP members.

COQIPS PAC Chairperson:

Terry Adirim, MD, MPH, FAAP

COQIPS PAC Patient Safety Liaison:

Kate Humphrey, MD, FAAP


The PAC actively supports member authorship of AAP policy statements, clinical reports, and technical reports to address issues that impact QI and patient safety in pediatrics.

COQIPS AAP Policy Coll​ection:

In addition to authoring AAP policy, COQIPS reviews and supports policy from other AAP groups that address subspecialty topics related to QI and patient safety.


The AAP receives numerous requests throughout the year to provide comment on federal policy, proposed legislation, and other initiatives and issues that impact the health and well-being of children, families, and pediatric care providers. In order to provide thoughtful, well-informed feedback, AAP reaches out to member groups with expertise in specific content areas.

If you are interested in contributing to the Academy's voice on topics related to QI, quality measurement, and patient safety, consider joining the COQIPS Rapid Response Team (RRT)! The RRT is open to all COQIPS members. Volunteers review policy and provide feedback when AAP receives requests or identifies opportunities for advocacy on behalf of pediatricians and children.

In the past several months, COQIPS members have contributed to AAP's formal comments on:

    To join the RRT, send an email to

    COQIPS encourages all members to stay abreast of federal and state legislation and rule-making that impacts children, families, and the care provided to them. AAP has a wide variety of resources to support members' advocacy efforts:

    Links to External Re​​sources

    The links below include resources, educational materials, program information, and other opportunities related to QI, quality measures, and patient safety issues.