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Financial Planning


​​Below are several​ resources on student loan and consumer debt management. These websites provide free information for financial planning.  

Student Loan Help for AAP Members- Developed by the AAP Insurance Program and SoFi.  
With this new pr​ogram, AAP Members will:​

  • Save money with lower loan rates
  • Apply with no application fee
  • Receive a $500 "Sign-up" Bonus (Upon completion of loan refinancing)
  • Simplify your loan repayment process
  • Protect yourself and your family with unemployment coverage

Learn more​​ at

The AAP Insurance Program-Financial Wellness Video​ series offers practical tips, guides, and resources to help ease financial stressors and get to financial wellness. Topics include: Introduction to Financial Wellness, Money Management, Credit​ Scores, Planning Your Future, Buying Insurance and Life and Disability Insurance. Introduction to Financial Wellness. 

Resources for loan repayment options and information on salaries by state (AAP Member Login required):
These links provide great general guidelines and resources offered by the American Academy of Medical Colleges (AAMC):

The Pediatric Research LRP​ is a vital component of our nation's efforts to attract health professionals to careers in pediatric research. In exchange for a two-year commitment to your research career, NIH may repay up to $35,000 per year of your qualified repayable educational debt

The US ​Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service (IHS) program, offers opportunities to health pr​ofessionals based upon staffing needs of Indian Health programs.

The following are a few web sites to help with consumer debt management:
Information on free credit report:
Investing and Personal Finance:
  • is a helpful resource for residents, starting with basic investing concepts and expanding from there.
  • - Investing wiki that covers a huge spectrum of topics (investing, personal finance, insurance, etc) and has a suggested reading list for anyone interested in reading finance books
More resources an​d budgeting websites for residents:

Consider co​ntacting your medical school financial aid offices, which are great resources for information about financial planning, loans, and​ scholarships.

The information provided here is general in scope and provided for educational purposes. It is not meant as a substitute for financial adviceExternal (or Non-AAP) sites and products included in this list are for reference only and not endorsed by the AAP.