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SOPT Leadership



SOPT Executive Committee

Christian Pulcini, MD, MEd, MPH
Glenshaw, PA 

Charles "Trey" Williams, MD 
Burlington, VT

Lauren Gambill, MD, FAAP 
Immediate Past Chairperson
Sacramento, CA 

Rachel Nash
Executive Coordinator of Medical Student Initiatives
Birmingham, MI

Sakina Sojar, MD 
Executive Coordinator of Resident Initiatives 
Medford, MA 

Shweta Parmekar, MD FAAP
Executive Coordinator of Fellowship Initiatives
Houston, TX

Sunny Chang, MD
Executive Coordinator of Communications
New York, NY

LT Shannon Brockman, MD
Executive Coordinator of Governance
Silver Spring, MD

Jacquelyn Crews, MD 
Executive Coordinator of Liaisons
St Petersburg, FL

Jennifer "Jenni" Kusma, MD 
Executive Coordinator of Child Health
Columbus, OH

Allison "Alli" Black, MD 
Executive Coordinator of Member Value
Louisville, KY

Jennifer Zank, MD FAAP
Executive Coordinator of Learning and Growth
Pittsburgh, PA

Priscilla Mpasi, MD 
Executive Coordinator of Internal Process
Baltimore, MD