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​​Following is a Collection of Environmental Health-Related Articles:​​​​

AAP continues push for environmental regulations that protect children (January 2012)
More study needed on risk of brain tumors from cell phone use (October 2011)
Academy calls for improved regulation of chemicals, safety standards (May 2011)
Ultraviolet radiation reports shine light on how pediatricians can help patients avoid skin cancer (March 2011)
Problem with plastics: Clinicians should become familiar with sources of phthalate exposure, health effects so they can counsel parents (August 2009)
AAP boils down safety issues concerning well water consumption (June 2009)
AAP helps win Supreme Court challenge over mercury emissions (April 2009)
CDC guideline focuses on management of children with blood lead levels <10 µg/dL (March 2008)
Minimizing lead exposure: As the nation re-emerges from a year of toy recalls, here is advice pediatricians can use when counseling parents (Jan 2008)
What's the buzz?: Be prepared to answer parents' questions about insect repellents (July 2007)
Listen up! MP3 players can cause hearing loss (May 2007)
Nothing to sneeze at: When should pediatricians ask about a patient's exposure to mold? (December 2006)
Waiver allows wide access to portable lead screening test (November 2006)
Report on environmental chemicals useful tool for physicians (October 2005)
AAP files legal challenge to EPA mercury rule (August 2005)
DEET alternatives considered to be effective mosquito repellents (June 2005)
PBDEs are ubiquitous, but effects of exposure unclear (January 2005)
Breathing easier: AAP policy examines how decreased air pollution improves children's health (December 2004)
Methylmercury and ethylmercury: Different sources, properties and concerns (July 2004)
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