Maintenance of Certification MOC Part 4

​Council ​on Quality Improvement Safety

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​Mainten​ance of Certification MOC Part 4

​Enhancing Family-Centered Communication by Addressing Health Literacy 

From June through August 2015, COQIPS recruited members to participate in an innovative Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 project focused on improving health literacy, which uses the COQIPS education (H) program at the 2015 AAP National Conference and Exhibition as a required face-to-face Learning Session. Participants in the project focused on improving use of teach back techniques with patients/families, utilized easy-to-understand written materials with patients/families, and employed patient-reported outcomes (through a patient survey) to determine if they were achieving their aims. Those interested in participating reviewed the documents below and completed the enrollment survey using the Survey Monkey link. 

Enrollment Information & Pro​ject Charter (PDF) 
MOC Part 4 Requirements & Deadlines (PDF) 
Enrollment Survey (PDF)

Supporting Evidence

KeyDriver Diag​ram ​

Patient Education Resou​rces​ ​

Project Des​​ign​​

Project Aims and Measures

  • Goal: Implement health literacy informed strategies to enhance communication with families.

    • Aim 1A: Increase the percentage of parents who report that their doctor explained things in a way that was easy for them to understand to 20% over individual baseline performance.

    • Aim 1B: Increase the percentage of eligible clinical encounters during which teach back is used to verify understanding to 20% over individual baseline performance.

    • Aim 1C: Use easy-to-understand visual material with parents seen at eligible clinical encounters by 20% over baseline performance.​​​

  • Goal: Pilot MOC Part 4 model for replication by AAP Sections/ Councils during their NCE H programs.

Expectations​ of Council on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Project Planning Group

  • Provide a designated physician leader with expertise in quality improvement, a physician leader with expertise in health literacy, a project manager, and additional faculty who have expertise in the subject matter and in improvement methods

  • Provide information on subject matter, application of that subject matter, and methods for process improvement during Learning Session, monthly webinars, and through listserv communication

  • Offer guidance and feedback to participants

  • Provide communication strategies to keep participants connected to the project faculty and colleagues

Participant Expectations/ MOC Completion Criteria

  • Participate over a 5 month period (September 2015-January 2016)

  • Submit baseline data for 20 patients (direct or consultative care to patients) using the AAP Quality Improvement Data Aggregator (QIDA) system by the designated deadline

  • Attend COQIPS education (H) program (Learning Session required only) on Saturday, October 24, 2015

  • Submit 3 months of data during Action Period (minimum 20 charts per month) using the QIDA system by the designated deadlines

  • Participate in live or recorded Orientation Webinar

  • Participate in 3 live or recorded Webinars where data is presented and PDSAs are discussed by the designated deadline

  • Review run chart data via the QIDA system on a monthly basis and implement PDSAs based on learnings from the data

Data Col​​lection

  • Patient Survey (English and Spanish)

    • Collect 20 patient surveys each month

    • Select first 20 patients each month. Administer survey until you reach 20 completed

    • Submit 20 completed surveys via QIDA

    • S​ubmit by 30th of each month at 11:59 pm ET in September, November, December, and January

  • Provider Survey

    • Provide details about tests of change each month and participant experiences

    • Submit data via Survey Monkey (link will be provided in QIDA)

    • Submit by 30th of each month in November, December, and January

  • Enr​ollment Survey

  • Post Project Survey (Available Spring 2016)

Webinar-based Learning

Special thanks to the Project Planning Group & Advisors

Ulfat Shaikh, MD, MPH, MS, FAAP
QI Project Leader

C Eve J Kimball, MD, FAAP​
Quality Improvement Expert

H Shonna Yin, MD, MS, FAAP
Health Literacy Expert


Amy Basken, MA

Laura Ferguson, MD, FAAP

Kamila Mistry, PhD, MPH

Greg Randolph, MD, MPH, FAAP

Lisa Rossignol, MA​

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