Message from the Chair

Section on Administration and Practice Management

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Much of what we do as pediatricians is combating misinformation by providing evidence-based data. The AAP has worked tirelessly to promote vaccine safety, explain facts and myths about firearms, and increase breastfeeding by getting new moms’ good information. 

In the same way, SOAPM labors to counter the misconceptions that private pediatric practice is dead, that it’s no longer fun to be a pediatrician, and that pediatrics is not a viable career for a young person. 

SOAPM has counseled thousands of pediatricians (and through PPMA, their practice administrators) on how to effectively take charge of their practice, reorganize their workflows, and definitively address employment law is-sues. As a result of becoming more knowledgeable of the operations of their practice, they are more confident, more empowered, and are getting the joy back from pediatric practice. 

We have free peer-to-peer counseling through our listserv, the single most active social network platform in the AAP. Our education program includes webinars and a pop-lar CME event at the National Conference & Exhibition (NCE). SOAPM members include subject matter experts on insurance contracts, employment law, the VFC program, practice finances, claims submission, HIPAA compliance, and coding. Because our leaders regularly cross-pollinate their expertise into other areas of the AAP, SOAPM pro-vides an excellent leadership track for participating in the AAP. 

I look forward to seeing you on the listserv! 


Suzanne Berman, MD, FAAP
Chair, Section on Administration and Practice Management

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