SOECP Benefits

​Section on ​Early Career Physicians

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​​SOECP Benefits

​The SOECP provides valuable guidance and resources for early career physicians who are transitioning out of residency and fellowship, as well as to those who are within their first years in practice. The SOECP is one of the largest sections of the AAP with over 2,000 members.

What are the benefits of joining the Section on Early Career Physicians?

  • SOECP What'​s New – monthly Section communication with updates on issues and opportunities of interest for early career physicians

  • Access to the AAP Mentorship Program – where you can be a mentor and a mentee

  • Participation on the Section Listserv – receive important and timely updates pertaining to early career physicians

  • Opportunity to get involved in the strategic initiatives of the Section through subcommittee involvement​

  • Dedicated sessions​ at the AAP National Conference & Exhibition tailored to topics pertinent to early career pediatricians

  • Opportunities for leadership training and positions within the Academy

    • Young Physicians Leadership Alliance (YPLA)​ training at the AAP National Conference

    • Early career physician positions within AAP chapters and districts

    • Early career physician liaison positions with internal special interest groups and external organizations

  • Networking opportunities – online, in person, and through social media

  • Opportunity for scholarships, grants, and awards – E.g. AAP Legislative Conference Scholarship

  • Access to opportunities for advocacy for early career physicians, as well as children

  • Opportunity to become an Early Career Physician Tweetiatrician for the Section

  • Access to the Early Career Physician Guide to the AAP

​If you are interested in joining the SOECP - click here​!​

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