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The Section on Emergency Medicine (SOEM) was founded in 1981 for the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of problems relating to the treatment and care of pediatric cases in the emergency department (ED).The Section's overall mission is to sustain, develop, and promote the delivery of optimal emergency care for acutely ill and injured children and to develop educational programs in Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM).The SOEM consults with the AAP Board of Directors on related issues and works collaboratively with the AAP Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine and its sister Section at the American College of Emergency Physicians. 

Membership in the Section is open to all Fellows, Post-Residency Training Fellows, Candidate Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Emeritus Fellows, Life Fellows, Dual Fellows, and Resident Fellows of the Academy with an interest in PEM. 

For SOEM Specialty Fellowship/ Affiliate member criteria, go to: Section on Emergency Medcine Membership Criteria. Section members may vote on issues related to SOEM business and be elected to serve on the SOEM Executive Committee. Current SOEM membership is over 1,200 members.

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The mission of the Section on Emergency Medicine is to sustain, develop and promote the delivery of optimal emergency care for acutely ill and injured children and adolescents.

Core Values

The Section believes in the following core values:

• Access to timely, effective, and efficient emergency care for all children.

• Safe emergency care while minimizing medical error in the care of acutely ill and injured children.

• High-quality education and training and the promotion of professional development of our membership.

• The development of future leaders in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

• The advancement of research in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Advocacy and Networking

The SOEM serves as an advocate for PEM physicians and children. The Section advocates for access to quality care, promotion of child health and injury prevention, professional growth and satisfaction of its members and recognition of PEM subspecialists as experts who provide the highest level of emergency care for children. The Section provides input to the Academy on issues such as reimbursement and standardized drug dosing and is interested in PEM fellowship and workforce issues. The AAP has a dedicated Department of Federal Affairs in Washington DC that advocates for the health of all children. The SOEM also collaborates with many other Committees and Sections of the Academy as well as outside organizations, including the American College of Emergency Physicians. SOEM members that become involved in the AAP will benefit from these collaborations as well as the opportunity to network with other pediatric subspecialists. In addition, the Section has a very active Fellowship Subcommittee and supports a visionary PEM Fellows/PEM Network. In addition, the SOEM Committee for our Future advocates for the needs of junior faculty and facilitates training of future leaders. The Section also sponsors annual advocacy scholarships to facilitate member participation in the annual AAP Legislative Conference.

Policy and Research

The SOEM serves as an expert resource to the AAP by providing review and input to official AAP policy and by working with the national AAP Committee on Pediatric Emergency Medicine to develop new and revised statements listed at http://www.aap.org/visit/cmte26.htm. The Section Executive Committee has direct involvement in the PEM Collaborative Research Network (PEM CRC) as well as direct linkage to the HRSA/MCHB-funded Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN). Through the PEM CRC, the Section has also developed a new formal process to apply for surveying members via the SOEM listserv®.

Education and Leadership

The SOEM sponsors scientific abstract presentations, a business meeting, and educational programming each year at the AAP National Conference & Exhibition. The Section also sponsors an annual call for abstracts presented at this meeting and published in the journal Pediatric Emergency Care. In addition, the Section continues to sponsor PREP-EM, a very successful intensive PEM review course, every 2 years, an annual PEM Fellows Conference and periodic PEM Leadership Retreats. An online subspecialty self-assessment program,"PREP E-Med," was launched in January 2009. The Section also sponsors an online image gallery called PEMpix, accessible to members only as well as a series of PEM coding continuums developed as a resource for Section members. Members of the AAP and SOEM receive discounts on and access to the AAP educational resources such as Pediatrics,AAP News, PediaLink, and manuals for health professionals (ie, the Redbook). Section members are eligible for election to the SOEM.​

Executive Committee and can participate in any of the Section subcommittees.​​

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