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​​The LISTSERV® allows the Section on Hospital Medicine (SOHM) Executive Committee and AAP Staff to communicate directly with physicians and providers with an active interest in pediatric hospital medicine through periodic email messages - and also allows for discussion among members.

To join the LISTSERV® you must note which category you fall into:

  • member of the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine;
  • provider who works primarily (50% +) as a pediatric hospitalist or works primarily (50% +) in pediatric hospital medicine;
  • current resident, medical student, or fellow considering a career in hospital medicine;
  • or physician or other healthcare provider considering a change to pediatric hospital medicine within the next year.
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Playing Nice Guidelines
  1. Postings and Professional Opportunities: Educational opportunities, surveys, promotional information-really anything that is not related to clinical questions/matters or Section business should be emailed to Niccole Alexander. To post or review job opportunities in the field of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, please visit​. Once added to PedJobs, the notice can be posted to the LISTSERV-as long as the advertisement includes a link to the PedJobs posting.
  2. For your legal protection: Subscribers should not discuss specific charges for services and procedures on the LISTSERV®. You can discuss the appropriate use of codes, economic issues regarding the infrastructure of a hospitalist program, and RBRVU values, but no specific dollar entries. With HIPAA in place, please make sure that all cases discussed on the LISTSERV® are presented anonymously.
  3. Patient Confidentiality: Do not list specifics about a patient that could potentially allow someone else to identify him or her (i.e. no names, fudge the age, etc.).
  4. Permission: Neither the fact that an article is posted on a web site nor the possible educational value make it possible to post material on the LISTSERV® without permission. If something is publicly available on the Internet, subscribers should include a link to that material in the message.
  5. Advocacy via the LISTSERV®: The AAP Department of Federal Affairs oversees an advocacy network – the Federal Advocacy Action Network or FAAN. Instructions on how to join FAAN can be found on the Academy’s web site at FAAN is activated at crucial times to support or oppose pending legislation. With regard to state-level legislation, the AAP chapters are considered to be the “locus” of advocacy. The AAP Division of State Government Affairs works with all AAP committees, sections, councils, task forces and grant programs to coordinate state-level advocacy efforts with chapters. The AAP, as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, has limits on the amount, scope, and nature of the Academy’s advocacy, lobbying, and political activity. These guidelines are established and enforced by the IRS. Any activity or correspondence not coordinated with or managed by Academy staff (including LISTSERV® messages, newsletter articles, etc.) is prohibited.
  6. Anonymous Postings: To post information anonymously, please email the LISTSERV® Moderator.
  7. Respect for Others: If you would like to respond privately to a message, please remember that hitting "reply" automatically schedules the message to be sent to all subscribers. To protect yourself from potentially embarrassing situations and to stop extraneous messages from hitting the LISTSERV®, please change the address in the "To:" section of the e-mail before sending. The SOHM LISTSERV® welcomes honest intellectual debate and a free exchange of ideas. Negative comments about a person or an institution/organization will not be tolerated.​​
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