ID Sessions at the National Conference and Exhibition

ID Sessions at The AAP's National Conference and Exhibition
(NCE) November 2-6, 2018 – Orlando, Florida

​The descriptions of the ID sessions sponsored by the SOID are on the Section can be accessed here and the complete conference program can be accessed on the NCE website.  

H3076- Section on Infectious Diseases Program
Date: 11/5/2018
Start/End Time: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Hours of CME: 1.5
Description:  Improving Pediatric Office Preparedness and Addressing Children's Needs in Infectious Disease Outbreaks and Disasters

Infectious disease outbreaks pose many challenges to pediatric practices.  Such outbreaks may be predictable (i.e. seasonal influenza), sudden and unexpected due to un- or under-immunized children exposed to vaccine preventable diseases and sudden and unexpected due to emerging infections.  In such situations, information overload is common and the immediate changes required in the healthcare delivery system can be challenging for doctors and patients.  In a round table, interactive format and using real examples from recent outbreaks, this session will offer insight on lessons learned and highlight steps that pediatricians can take to better prepare their practice setting for these events.


Moderator: Ken Zangwill, MD, FAAP
Round Table Topics

1. Practical Infection Prevention and Control Measures
Craig Shapiro, MD, FAAP

2. The Pediatrician's Role in Surveillance and Disease Reporting
Georgina Peacock, MD, MPH, FAAP

3. Effective Communication Strategies with Patients and Families in an Outbreak
Scott Needle, MD, FAAP; Margaret Fisher, MD, FAAP

4. Vaccine Storage and Access Issues
Graham Barden, MD, FAAP

5. Helping Families Cope in an Infectious Outbreak Situation
David Schonfeld, MD, FAAP

​Summary and Wrap-up
Ken Zangwill, MD, FAAP

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