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AAP Agenda for Children: Profession of Pediatrics

The AAP is dedicated to ensuring the profession of pediatrics stays strong. Changes in the economy, health care systems, patient demographics, medical and information technology, the environment, and the pediatric workforce will continue to impact pediatricians, subspecialists and surgical specialists. The AAP strategic plan will continue to focus on the key forces impacting the future and the changes necessary to ensure the profession survives and thrives.

Pediatrican Life and Career Experience Study

The Pediatrician Life and Career Experience Study (PLACES) is a longitudinal study that tracks the job paths and lives of early career pediatricians. Over 1,800 physicians who completed their residency in the last 10 years were recruited in the Winter and Spring of 2012 to participate. The first PLACES survey was fielded in the Summer of 2012, and 93% completed the survey. The second PLACES survey will be fielded in the Spring of 2013.

AAP Young Physician Network

The YoungPeds Network is a Web site specifically designed to connect our young members with the resources they need at this stage of their career. The site is segmented into three separate areas with specialized resources for young physicians, residents and medical students. This portal provides easy, one-stop access to a wide array of resources to meet the professional needs of young pediatricians.

AAP Senior Member Resources

The AAP has developed a series of resources for mature pediatricians to help them with life and career transition. A newsletter, especially for senior AAP members can be found at

Women in Medicine

Women have made great strides in recent years as leaders in medicine, particularly in pediatrics. This Web site provides data on women pediatricians in leadership positions, both in the AAP and other pediatric organizations and describes efforts needed to promote women to positions of leadership at all levels of medicine.

Pediatric History Center

The Pediatric History Center, located in the Bakwin Library of the AAP, collects books, articles, manuscripts, photographs, films, artifacts, organizational records, oral histories and other materials related to the history of pediatrics in the United States and Canada and the history of the Academy itself.
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