Digital Transformation

​Digi​tal Transformation​​

Welcome to the Digital Transformation Initiative i​​​nformation page. Here you will find important updates and reports of progress on improvements and fixes that are made as part of the initiative. Updates will be added to this page regularly so check back often to see what is new!

September 10, 2019

Please read below for updates on our most recent activities for the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI).  These updates contain information about work in progress as well as upcoming and release feature announcements.  Work over the last two weeks included...

Member Directory

  • "Soft"-launched the new Member Directory on 8/28/2019.
  • Notified a set of members to try out the new Member Directory and provide feedback through mid-September 2019.
  • Began gathering feedback from testers.
  • Trained Member and Customer Care on the new Member Directory to prepare them to answer customer inquiries after the public launch.
  • Worked on an article for the October AAP News issue to announce the new Member Directory.
  • Tested fixes for…
    • AAP not displaying properly on Internet Explorer.
    • FAAP displaying on members that are not FAAPs.
    • Designation not displaying correctly on the Member Detail page.
    • Member record changes missing from nightly job to pick up changes such as a new primary address. Content Migration

  • Section Recruitment Pages Migration
    • Finished implementing fixes for content placeholders for the initial launch of Section recruitment pages we are migrating to the new (e.g., button to share page on Twitter).
    • Completed final review of Section recruitment pages prior to launch.
    • Finalized the Section recruitment pages launch checklist.
    • Reviewed Section recruitment pages with Member and Customer Care to prepare them for handling inquiries after the launch.
    • Notified AAP Staff Section Managers about Section recruitment pages launch and timeline.
    • Sent email to Section Executive Committees announcing the Section recruitment pages launch.
  • Updates on Other Content Areas
    • Update Pediatrics as a Profession prototype to show a way to present Year 4 content.
    • Content creators began review of prototype of News Room area.

 My Account

  • Updated the prototype to match the features and fields expected for the initial launch of portions of My Account.
  • Continued development work on pages for create account, order history, and account settings.
  • Started testing of Personal Information, Professional Information, and Preferred Communication Preferences pages of the user profile.
  • Worked on changes to improve speed of loading customer data during login.
  • Started back end services buildout for changes to the process for Program Administrators to upload rosters (which creates accounts in our member database).

Abandoned Cart (Reach)

  • Reviewed a proof of concept with Marketing Staff and technical resources that showed how an email will be sent to a customer that leaves items in their cart on shopAAP.
  • Determined remaining technical work in order to implement these email triggers.


  • Continued building Reporting Tool to provide Staff with standard and build-your-own views of member CME / MOC activity data.
  • Fixed issues on mobile with overlapping text on the credit claiming pages.
  • Fixed issue with older ABP submission request data so it can be viewed properly for AAP Staff when they troubleshoot MOC claiming issues.

Membership Portal

  • The Membership Portal system is an existing website that provides an application process to become a member of the AAP or reactivate a membership.
  • As part of DTI, we are going to redesign this system to align with the DTI principles of simplify, personalize, and connect, and with the DTI look and feel rolled out for Search, Transcripts, Member Directory, and pages migrating to the new
  • Began technical architecture for redesign of the existing Membership Portal system.

August 27, 2019

Please read below for updates on our most recent activities for the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI).  These updates contain information about work in progress as well as upcoming and release feature announcements.  Work over the last two weeks included...

Member Directory

  • Finished internal testing of the features.
  • Loaded existing member list into the Search index.
  • Finished testing and configuring process that will run daily to load changes to existing member list into the Search index (e.g., add new / remove lapsed members, update information for member records that changed that day).
  • Invited a set of members to try out and provide feedback on the new directory in early September in a "soft" launch period.
  • Planned details of the "soft" launch.
  • Identified the URL for member testers to use to get to the new directory during the "soft" launch.
    • Note: during the "soft" launch, the current directory will still be available at its current URL.
  • Created a script of scenarios for member usability testing that will be used for DTI demos at NCE as well as other opportunities where members can try out DTI applications.

My Account

  • Continued development work on pages for login, forgot password, create account, order history, and account settings.
  • Prepared communication preferences, personal information, and professional information pages for internal testing.
  • Worked on the back end services to support saving user profile changes.
  • Analyzed performance bottlenecks in loading customer records and identified ways to make it faster.
  • Finished technical analysis on the change to the process for Program Administrators to upload rosters (which creates accounts in our member database). Content Migration

  • Continued implementing fixes for content placeholders for Section recruitment pages that we are migrating to the new
  • Finished evaluation of current content for "Health Initiatives" and "Membership" to determine what to keep, delete, change, and fit for the new site map.
  • Continued review of current MyAAP content to determine what to keep, delete, change, and move elsewhere when we migrate that area.
  • Started final review of Section recruitment pages prior to launch.

Abandoned Cart (Reach)

  • Switched shopAAP over to track user activity by a unique id and confirmed the tracking is functioning correctly.
  • Set up meetings to determine what technical work remains and to confirm with Marketing staff what next steps are in the effort to roll out triggers that will email users that leave shopAAP with items still in their cart.


  • Continued building Reporting Tool to provide Staff with standard and build-your-own views of member CME / MOC activity data.
  • Un-archived activity data for January issues of 2013 journals, meaning participants can now see this data in the Transcripts tool.
  • Fixed issues on mobile with overlapping text in the page header and no padding on the left and right margins.

August 13, 2019

Please read below for updates on our most recent activities for the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI)..  These updates contain information about work in progress as well as upcoming and release feature announcements.  Work over the last two weeks included... Content Migration

  • Built prototype pages for the News Room and News Releases per goals set for this content area.
  • Continued implementing fixes for content placeholders for Section pages that we are migrating to the new
  • Further refined the site map for the "Practice" and "Patient Care" sections of the global navigation envisioned for the new
  • Continued evaluation of current content for "Health Initiatives" and "Membership" to determine what to keep, delete, change, and fit for the new site map.

My Account

  • Updated the design of main member profile page.
  • Continued development work on pages for login, forgot password, create account, and saving user profile changes.
  • Worked on the back end services to support saving user profile changes.
  • Started technical analysis on the change to the process for Program Administrators to upload rosters (which creates accounts in our member database)Updated the live system as mentioned in the July 22, 2019 update further down this page.
  • Continued building a Reporting Tool to provide Staff with standard and build-your-own views of member CME / MOC activity data.

Member Directory

  • Conducted internal testing of the features.
  • Fixed styling issues on the Member Detail page.
  • Determined list of members to contact to invite them to try out features of the new Member DirectoryUpdated the design of main member profile page.

Abandoned Cart (Reach)

  • In order to trigger emails to users that leave shopAAP with items still in their cart, we need to switch how user activity is tracked on shopAAP to a unique id. We completed the work to switch over to that unique id, which will be tested in the next two weeks.Updated the design of main member profile page.


  • Continued building Reporting Tool to provide Staff with standard and build-your-own views of member CME / MOC activity data.
  • Cleaned up and standardized ABP MOC claim submission failure messages and added a way for Staff to see the submission as well, giving Staff more information to help them troubleshoot ABP claim submission issues.
  • Removed records from the archive database that were also in the live transcripts system.

July 30, 2019

In addition to our last update which announced some improvements made to Transcripts, we are continually working on other major projects for the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) and will add regular updates to this page to keep you informed.  These updates will contain information about work in progress as well as upcoming and release feature announcements.  Work over the last two weeks included...


  • Updated the live system as mentioned in the July 22, 2019 update further down this page.
  • Continued building a Reporting Tool to provide Staff with standard and build-your-own views of member CME / MOC activity data. Content Migration

  • Held a workshop to define goals and scope for migration of News Room content to the new
  • Continued implementing fixes for content placeholders for Section pages that we are migrating to the new
  • Worked on designs for graphic elements / imagery that can go on Section pages.
  • Worked on styling of a content placeholder to display Section rosters pulled from our member database.

My Account

  • Updated prototype of main member profile page.
  • Continued design work on pages for the new account creation process for program administrators.
  • Continued development work on pages for login, forgot password, and create account.
  • Launched address field changes on AAP's internal view of our member database in advance of when we go live with the new My Account member profile (making fields more consistent and aligned with postal and shipping standards).

Member Directory

  • Conducted internal testing of the features.
  • Fixed the values showing in the Subspecialty filter.
  • Fixed issue with logic that controls who can access the Member Directory.
  • Found a few minor styling issues.
  • Reloaded data in TEST environment to ensure search results would pull back members in good standing.


  • Fixed issue where autocomplete in the search box stopped working (e.g., start typing a search term and then a dropdown list appears to show you possible terms you could select from).

July 22, 2019 

One of the key benefits of our new Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) platform is the ability to use various analytics and feedback tools to understand how our members and customers like and/or are using new features as they are rolled out.  In particular for Transcripts (, we learned that members were having difficulty finding specific activities and felt that other visual elements on the page either took up too much space or were not located where they might expect, so we made cosmetic enhancements to the main landing page to accommodate that feedback, including...

  • Make "Claim" and "View Certificate" links stand out more by styling them to look like buttons.
  • Make activity status easier to recognize as a status by styling it to look like a label instead of a clickable button.
  • Decrease the size of the top search bar (that searches all AAP) so that the search bar for the user's Transcripts activities is more prominent and clear in the middle of the screen.
  • Move the "View Certificate" button so that it will only show once on an activity even if that activity has more than one claimed credit type (e.g., MOC Part 2 and Enduring Materials).  It was confusing to show that twice since in both cases the generated certificate is exactly the same as the certificate applies to the activity, not the credit type.
  • Reduce scrolling by decreasing the height of the main banner, moving the activity ID below the title to eliminate an extra line, and tightening up extra space around each activity.
  • Add "Self-Claim" activity description to the Annual Transcript (previously only the "Self-Claim" activity title appeared on that report).
  • Move the "Print" and "Download" buttons on the Annual Transcript page from the bottom to the top of the page for convenience.
  • Change the label of "Self-Claim" activities that said "Start Date" to "Earned Date", as that is the correct meaning of the date displayed.

Click here to view the updates in -> Transcripts Quick Start Guide.

Efforts continued on several major projects as part of the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), including...

  • Content Migration – Began creating new versions of the Section and Council member recruitment pages, and started to plan the launch of those pages on what will become the new  Determined what the top level global navigation will be for the new
  • Member Directory – Began internal testing on a redesigned tool to help members find other members based on attributes such as name, country, state, district, section, council, committee, and chapter.
  • My Account – Conducted internal review of prototypes and continued the buildout of the screens that will be the first release of the new My Account (a home for members and others to serve as a hub for management of profile, preferences, order history, membership, groups, education, and accessible content).

eMail Platform – We stay in touch with our members and customers using a variety of means, including email.  As we look to simplify, personalize, and connect, finding ways to give our members and customers more control over the emails they receive from the AAP becomes more important.  We have recently begun the back end technical work to be able to offer that control.  As we go forward, there will be more discovery work to better understand all the sources / purposes of the emails, the tools being used for that today, and what type of governance will be needed to help us streamline and better maintain email communications in the future.

April 23, 2019

Efforts continue on several major projects as part of the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), including... 

  • Content Migration – Offer our members and others a world-class website that serves as the digital front door of the AAP, improves member experience while adhering to the tenets of DTI to "simplify, personalize and connect".  Review, refine, and migrate content that currently exists on to our new DTI platform, including implementing new processes and governance for creating, managing, and maintaining that content moving forward. 
  • Member Directory – Implement a redesigned feature to help members find other members based on attributes such as name, country, state, district, section, council, committee, and chapter.
  • My Account – Create a home for members and others to serve as a hub for management of profile, preferences, order history, membership, groups, education, and accessible content.
  • Search – Continue rolling out updates to the revamped search function to improve search results relevancy and make it easier for members and others to find what they are seeking.  The Content Migration is a critical project that ties closely with Search in that cleaner, better-maintained content is crucial to making search results more accurate.
  • Transcripts – After moving this end-of-life platform to the new DTI technologies, continue enhancements to features such as the Annual Transcript and make improvements to the look and feel to improve the user experience for members and others for activities and credit management.
For Transcripts specifically, there was an important milestone earlier this year that is informing future releases and all efforts on the Digital Transformation Initiative.
  • In February, our DTI implementation partner led the AAP through a “Retrospective” (lessons learned) that included members from five different AAP departments / divisions to reflect upon how the project went, learn from mistakes made, and use those learnings to move forward in future iterations of both the Transcripts feature, and the Digital Transformation as a whole. 
  • Of the lessons, at the top of the list are increased communication with members and customers especially about upcoming changes and launches, getting more member feedback, and rolling out features in smaller pieces instead of all at once.
Please continue reading below to learn more about the Retrospective session.  Feedback and engagement from our members, customers, partners, and staff are welcomed, appreciated, and vital to evolving and delivering new features to improve the overall user experience.

Transcripts Retrospective Background

Staff took time to first review data pre- and post-launch 
  • Looked at Google Analytics data
  • Call volume 
  • LuckyOrange data
  • Appcues data
  • Provide Feedback responses
Timeline review
  • Staff took a look back to the start of the project
  • Reviewed key milestones and deliverables
  • Discussed the steps leading up to launch  
  • The team reflected on the project as a whole and discussed the Top Five things that could have been done differently 
  • Splitting into groups, staff talked through those items among their teams to share their learnings, from their unique perspective(s)
  • Once discussed, the team then brainstormed action items and how to move forward   
  • Finally, a plan of action was plotted out for each of the main themes, identifying both short and long term goals, in order to make the Digital Transformation continue to be successful in future iterations of the project  
Next Steps 
  • After brainstorming short and long term goals, each team presented their thoughts/findings to the larger group assembled for the Retrospective
  • AAP leadership was able to hear how the project went from the staff perspective, and learn about opportunities and thoughts for improvement
  • From there, leaders from both Adage and the Academy will take those short and long term goals, to help identify quick wins to enact, as well as incorporate longer term ideas into the vision and framework for projects moving forward.

January 28, 2019

As part of the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI), staff have been working on a number of projects over the past year, including improving search and streamlining the transcript system for members to track and report educational credit.

We are now ready to kick off our next effort, which involves improving This includes not only reviewing, refining, and migrating content that currently exists on to our new platform, but also involves the implementation of new processes and governance for creating, managing, and maintaining that content moving forward. Our goal is to offer our members and others a world-class website that serves as the digital front door of the AAP, improves member experience while adhering to the tenets of DTI to "simplify, personalize and connect".  

This process will occur in phases, and in an effort to keep all informed, we encourage you to please check back on this page for periodic updates on progress. Below is the January 2019 update.

January 2019 Migration Update

Welcome to the first migration message! This update will be used to communicate the latest information about content migration from to our new platform and provide you with other helpful Web tips. This update focuses on basic information about our current website, how content migration will impact you, new processes (ie. content governance) that are being put in place to ensure the website remains relevant, and what we are hoping to accomplish over the coming months.  

Overall Scope and Progress Based on a content audit conducted in January 2019, here is a breakdown of the content on

  • Web pages:                   9,260
  • PDFs:                          13,366
  • Total Files:                 22,626

This volume of content will not be quick to migrate! As a result, the site will be reviewed, refined, and migrated in pieces – as opposed to all at once. It is possible that not all content currently on is appropriate for the site, so the Editorial Team will guide groups through the process once it that area's turn to have its content migrated. 

Current Projects and Progress

First up will be the Council and Section pages that reside on For many AAP Sections and Councils, cleanup of these pages has already taken place, with the establishment of Section/Council Collaboration sites. Our goal is to standardize the structure of the Section/Council pages on so visitors can get a quick snapshot of what these groups do, and quickly assess whether this is a group they'd like to join. Council and Section managers and related support staff will receive additional information about the new layouts and next steps over the next month.

On Deck

The team is planning to tackle the migration of smaller, well-defined sections of next. This will help the editorial team and staff become more comfortable with the new content governance and migration processes and get some quick wins. After the Council and Section pages will be the following parts of, many of which currently fall under "About the AAP" on our current site:

  • Membership Criteria
  • AAP Leadership
  • Philanthropy at the AAP
  • Pediatrics as a Profession
  • AAP Facts

We will be developing a roadmap that will illustration which content areas will follow those listed above and will share that in future updates.

January 11, 2019

Per feedback from our members and customers, as well as to keep improving the Activities & Credit Management (transcript) portal, several enhancements were released to the system on January 11, 2019, including...

  1. "Print Certificate" link to the CME and MOC Claim Success pages: Previously, there was only a link to go back to your activity listing.  Now, if you want to get your certificate first, you can click on the "Print Certificate" link right from that page (note: if an activity does not offer a certificate, this link will not be displayed).
  2. Edit and Delete Self-Claims: Previously, you could only add new Self-Claims.
  3. Finding Self-Claims: Made it easier to find by loading them under the year you Earned the Self-Claim.  When you enter the Self-Claim, you provided the Earned Date.  If that Earned Date was 4/15/2018, then after you submit it, you will find the claim in year 2018 from the year filter.
  4. Login: If you were already logged into a course platform (e.g., PediaLink) and clicked a link that redirected you to the Transcript system, it is no longer asking you to log in again, and instead redirects to the Transcript system page that will allow you to continue with your activity claim.
  5. MOC Claim Error Messages: Made MOC claim submission error message more descriptive with information on how to contact the AAP to get help with how to address the submission failure.
  6. Page Load Slowness: Made performance improvements to speed up the display of your yearly activities.

For more information including screen shots, please see the Transcripts Quick Start Guide

December 20, 2018

Changes to the new Activities & Credit Management (transcript) portal aim to improve how you locate, claim and submit continuing medical education (CME) activities.

The overhauled tool at is part of the ongoing Digital Transformation Initiative. As with many digital tools, the transcript tool is being honed and adapted. Member input is crucial to ensure that it is user-friendly and efficient.

“We are taking the transition one step at a time and appreciate members’ feedback and patience as we continue to improve the process,” said Mark D. Del Monte, J.D., AAP CEO/executive vice president (interim).

If your certification expires at the end of this year, Dec. 20 is the deadline to claim Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit. According to the American Board of Pediatrics, individuals must have completed all applicable activities, earned/posted points, re-enrolled in MOC and paid the MOC fee by 3 p.m.ET on Dec. 20 to remain certified. This deadline does not affect those whose certification expires in 2019 or later.

Following are frequently asked questions about navigating the new transcripts portal and claiming and submitting completed activities.

Why did you change the transcripts service?

The goal is to provide a user-friendly, improved activities and credit management home that meets members’ needs. The digital platform that previously housed the transcript service was old, no longer usable and needed to be updated.

The last time I checked my record, I did not find any new activities that I could claim. Where are they?

Please take a moment to revisit your record. The previous default view did not display eligible activities in a user-friendly manner. Based on member feedback, we’ve added a new toggle switch that gathers and displays all activities that are Eligible to Claim when it is switched on. (See Figure 1, top left.)

Figure 1. Only activities that are “Eligible to Claim” are visible when the toggle switch is on.

How do I find and claim my completed activities?

Members can track activities in progress and claim completed activities in five easy steps.

Step 1: Log in with your username and password at

Step 2: Make sure the “Eligible to Claim” toggle switch is turned on. Your page will display the newest eligible-to-claim activities first. You will see activities from every Learning Format (e.g., journal-based CME, enduring material, live activity) and Credit Category (e.g., AAP Credit Only, MOC Part 2, CME). If the toggle is off, it will show a view of all activities (all, in progress, expired, etc.).

Step 3: Look under the blue “Eligible to Claim” status indicator. Click on the “Claim CME” link or “Submit MOC Part 2 Credit” link. (See Figure 1.)

Step 4: Submit the claim. A “Success” page will display. (See Figure 2.)

Figure 2. Each time you claim CME or submit MOC credit, a Success! page will display.

Step 5: To find more activities that are eligible to claim, click “Go back to Listing Page” at the bottom of the Success page or click the “Activities” tab at the top of the Success page to return to your list. Make sure the toggle switch is on to view “Eligible to Claim” activities.

Take the guided online tour for a step-by-step walk-through of the Activities & Credit Management (transcript) portal.

Can I offer a suggestion?

Member feedback will continue to drive ongoing updates to the transcript system and its webpages. Click the “Provide feedback” tab on the righthand side of the page to visit

October 19, 2018

Coming Soon - The next major launch for DTI is the newly redesigned Transcript (credit management) system. Please see below for more information about the new system that will roll out in November after the AAP National Conference & Exhibition. 

You can continue to use the links on PediaLink and shopAAP that you use today for the current transcript and credit management tool ( for credit claiming, certificates, and your transcript, but once we switch to the new system, you will experience the new look and feel shown in the guide below.

Please note: The new transcript system is not live yet. The information below is a preview of how the new system will look and how to use it. The images are examples and do not necessarily reflect the activity and certificate credit information in your transcript records.

Transcripts Quick Start Guide

The new transcripts management tool is part of the AAP's Digital Transformation Initiative and our continued goal to connect, personalize, and simplify your experience and are geared towards a better overall credit claiming experience. The numbered list below corresponds to the images that follow.

1. Search your Activities.

You should recognize this prominent search bar from the redesigned Search page. Within Transcripts, this search bar allows you to search through your activities.

2. Filter your results.

The filters in the left sidebar allow you to narrow the list of activities shown. Under "Activity Status" you can view "Claimed" and "Eligible to Claim" credits. You can also filter by "Credit Category" and "Learning Format". These filters change based on your activities.

3. Print Annual Transcripts.

As a member, to generate annual transcripts of your activities, you can click on "Annual Transcripts" above the search bar next to the Filters area and follow the screen prompts to select the year and click the "Print Transcript" button to print your report.

4. View Included Activities.

Activities may be grouped together. When you want to see the individual activities, click the "Show Activities" link. This will expand to show each of the included activities. Once those activities are visible, you can click "Hide Activities" to minimize them.

5. Claim Credits.

Claim credit by clicking the "Claim Credit" link shown in the bottom right hand corner of the activity card. You’ll then be asked to enter the number of credits in order to confirm your claim.

6. Print Certificates.

Once you claim an activity, the "Claim Credit" link will be replaced with "View Certificate". You can click that link to view, download, and print your certificate.

Activities and Credit Management

Claim CME CreditPrint Certificate


June 1, 2018


Since the launch of the new Search tool on, the focus has been on implementing several features and fixes and boosting more relevant Search results based on feedback from members, users, and staff. Below, we list highlights of these new features that have been implemented as well as ones that are coming soon.​

1.      Enhanced Display for Top Results

For specific popular searches, we set up "Top Results" to be displayed in a way that better distinguishes them from the other results. ​ 

2.      Added "Back to Top" Button

This feature adds a blue up arrow button at the bottom right of the screen. When you click on the button, the page automatically scrolls back up to the top for navigational convenience.


3.      Added "Sticky" Search Feature to Mobile

When using Search on mobile devices, the Search box now remains at the top of the screen so you do not have to scroll all the way back up to change your Search criteria.

4.     Coming Soon - More Filterable Red Book Content

To make it easier to find relevant results for Red Book Online, plans are underway to implement new filters and content section data so users can better narrow and navigate to specific pages. Currently, some content is found under "Point of Care" and is not organized the way it is on the Red Book site. In addition to content sections, Search filters will also include chapter and topic options.


5.     Coming Soon - Improved Ability to Narrow Search from Homepage

There is currently no way to narrow Search results from the homepage of To improve the Search experience, you will soon be able to select a Search context directly from the home page so that when you get the results, they are already narrowed down to a desired subset. For example, from the homepage you'll be able to select "Policy" along with your Search term so that your results come back narrowed for the matches for "Policy" and not "All AAP" by default.

My Account and Transcripts (CME Management)

Work continues on the buildout of these platforms that will be the new homes for member profiles, order history, library of digital products purchased, and continuing medical education credit management.

We are focused on releasing the new Transcripts management center this summer.

Other Updates

In addition to the updates to Search and the build out of My Account and Transcripts, we have begun prototyping new versions of the Member Directory and the Find a Pediatrician tool, to improve the functionality and usability of these important web features. Stay tuned for more updates on these improvements in the next few months!

​We recognize that in order to make the Search results more relevant, the vast amount of great content made available through the AAP needs to be organized better. ​Our next major endeavor is to define a comprehensive Content Migration/Structuring Strategy, to continue the improvement and enhancement of your use and experience on


March 26, 2018

Search Launch Update

The new Search platform has been live for just over one month, and usage is averaging 10,000 searches per weekday, and 4,800 searches per day on weekends, which is higher than the old search application. The new Search provides users many more ways to filter and find just what you are looking for. 

​See our Search Quick Start Guide to learn more about all of the new Search capabilities available to you.

With an eye toward continuous improvement, we have gathered excellent in-person feedback from member leaders at the AAP Annual Leadership Forum (ALF) in March, as well as from Search analytics and via the “Provide Feedback” link on the Search page. We know there is still work to be done to improve Search results and help you find what you are looking for. How are we addressing this?

  • ​​Iterative Improvements

    • DTI is an iterative process. Every two weeks, the team rolls out fixes, changes, and features that have been prioritized as highest business value. An example of a change that is in progress is adding new Search filters to help make Red Book content easier to find.

    • Results Boosting. We regularly respond to feedback about what results members expect to see by manually boosting those results. For example, we recently improved firearm safety-related searches by manually adding synonyms, such as "gun control", to the Search function, and boosting certain results to appear at the top of the Search page. As a result, the expected results have become more relevant for this topic.

  • Content Strategy

    • The AAP provides a vast amount of content and intellectual property that is made available through Search. However, there are many factors that contribute to how easily content is found by a Search engine, including format (e.g., a web page or PDF), and keywords, which help Search engines identify relevant content. To that end, the DTI team will be focusing efforts on creating an updated content strategy to  help ensure Search results are most relevant to our users.

My Account

Activities to improve My Account continue, including:

  • Analyzing feedback on the new My Account prototype received from member leaders at the 2018 Annual Leadership Forum (ALF)

  • Ongoing development work on Login, Order History, Profile, My Account Hub, and Digital Library

  • Enhancing the prototypes by adding pages for My Memberships, Membership Benefits, and by addressing feedback on how Digital Library, Subscriptions, and Orders pages on the current site might confuse users as to where to go to find what they need  


In addition, work on the new Transcripts functionality continues with:

  • Analyzing feedback on the new Transcripts platform received from member leaders at the 2018 Annual Leadership Forum (ALF)

  • Ongoing development on Activity Listing, Credit Claiming, Discrepancy Form, and FAQ pages as well as back-end database and services to support the prototypes

Product Roadmap Updates

DTI follows a process by which we regularly review and adapt. As a result of the feedback we gathered at ALF as well during usability testing with members, prototype reviews with AAP staff, and other feedback loops, we have updated the DTI activity roadmap. The updates include bringing forward into the near-term the following activities: 

  • Improving the Member Directory on

  • Improving the Find a Pediatrician tool on

  • Revising the content strategy to improve Search relevancy and allow for information on our sites to be more discoverable

  • Making “Red Book” its own Search context/filter

  • Adding Personalization to Search (to make the results more relevant for users)

Stay tuned for more updates on these activities as we move forward on the DTI roadmap!

​February 23, 2018

Exciting news! The new Search platform, designed to improve the results returned to users, is now live. It is now easier for users of to search content found on all AAP digital platforms including AAP News and Journals on Gateway, ShopAAP, Point of Care Solutions, and more. In addition, users will have more filtering options to fine tune search requests to better fine what they are looking for. The Search function on has also been revised with better filtering and discoverability. 

This has been a “soft” launch in that it is not the final version, but rather the first release in an iterative process of incremental improvements made over time. We are gathering data and responding quickly. Additional information about the performance of the search function will be shared on this update page in the coming months. 

​My Account

Work on My Account continues. We have incorporated feedback from the technical feasibility review and built pages for the Profile, My Account Hub, Contact Preferences, Personal Information, and Addresses functions.  

We also started prototyping the Membership landing page and New Member onboarding flows. This will give us an opportunity to take a fresh look at the member experience in My Account and to discover how to better communicate features that are meaningful for them (such as Member Benefits, Find a Pediatrician, and the Member Directory).

​Guided by the core principles of this initiative to Connect, Simplify, and Personalize, work continues on a global site navigation for AAP digital platforms, design improvements, and information architecture (i.e., sitemap) enhancements. 


A great deal of work has been accomplished on this important function to help AAP members better record CME credits including a new template for certificates, continued development on Activity Listing, Discrepancy Forms, and FAQ pages. We have elicited feedback on the Transcripts prototype from key stakeholders and have started development on the back-end database and services to support the prototype.

​​December 29, 2017

Guided by the core principles of this initiative to Connect, Simplify, and Personalize, a vision for global site navigation (for AAP sites including, and information architecture (i.e., sitemap) are undergoing definition.

Search continues to be refined as we move closer to launching the first version of the application in the coming weeks. We have added more detail to search results for Point-of-Care and HealthyChildren content, added the ability to render special characters, and are working on finalizing pagination and autocomplete styling. Final usability testing prior to launch will be commencing soon.

My Account also continues to be refined. Additional features were added to the prototype for Order History, Digital Library, Member Profile as well as for workflows for login/forgot password and back-end services to support the profile are being prepared. 

Transcripts work remains focused on collaboration between stakeholders and technical resources to assess feasibility and provide feedback on the prototype of credit claiming and certificate generation. In addition, stakeholders and technical resources are working toward the development of what will be released in the first iteration as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

​December 1, 2017

The first version of the Search tool, also referred to as the MVP, continues to be refined in preparation for release in the coming weeks. Improvements are being made to the basic Search function to ensure the first ite​ration reflects high priority features identified through our usability testing.  

Here are some added features and fixes to the tool as it is readied for release:

  • Facets: Facets continue to be reviewed and tested to ensure the list is user-friendly and comprehensive to return more precise results.

  • News Content: Usability testing feedback identified a need to consolidate three news sources; Publications, AAP News and AAP Voices into a single, more intuitive category.

  • Bug fixes: Usability testing identified several issues with the User Interface that were resolved.

My Account modifications to the layout of the member profile section and address portion of the user’s profile are in progress. The prototype component structure will be designed to accommodate future enhancements to current functionality.  

Transcripts discovery for both the front-end user experience and the back-end services to support the application continue to move forward. Discussions with stakeholders and the AAP IT team are underway to prioritize requirements and review architecture and infrastructure needs.  


​November 17, 2017

Enhancements to the Search tool continue to move at a fast pace and we are rapidly approaching the release of our fist iteration of Search. This first iteration is being released using a development technique called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which means at the outset it will only include basic functionality. Once the MVP is released, we will continue to collect feedback in order to continually improve the feature. 

The Search MVP contains the key features considered to have the highest value to our members and is our first step on our path to the final product. It also serves as a platform to test our assumptions and elicit feedback for improvements and enhancements. It is the first of many iterations and will help us to reach our goal of delivering a search engine rich in features and functions.

Here are some continued improvements to the behind-the-scenes effort:

  • Facets: New search facets to fine tune search results for

  • Mobile: Resolve text wrapping issues to enhance the readability of search results

  • Descriptions: improve and enhance search result descriptions on various AAP sites including Policy and Shop

  • Performance: Resolve latency and page load issues when populating search results and correct spacing of search bar elements

My Account improvements are also in progress. Profile data, address information, my preferences and editing templates are among the key features under development. 

Improvements to how CME Transcripts are managed and maintained are also underway. Background information and requirements are being gathered to build an initial prototype and work has started on such features as credit claiming flow, certificates, and conducting in-depth technical reviews with AAP DOIT.  ​


November 3, 2017

The first iteration of our new Search tool was rolled out for testing by a team of members and staff. Initial feedback helped identify ways to improve how content is indexed and identified key filters and contexts to enhance search relevancy and precision.

Here is a look at some of the behind-the-scenes features used to improve the search experience:

  • All AAP: Gives users the ability to search all AAP content in one search experience.

  • Policy tagging:  Search results for AAP Policy are uniquely identified on the search page to help users more easily find this content.

  • Weighting:  Delivers results with the highest relevance for better search results.

  • Filters: can be reset for additional search refinement.

  • Cache busting: Speeds up browsing times by saving previous information for future use in temporary folders, rather than re-loading each time.

In addition, the new My Account prototype was presented to members of the Core Team (AAP staff) for review and feedback. This initial review prompted many helpful questions and comments that will be used to further improve this functionality and move us closer to creating a member experience that is personalized and user-friendly.


October 20, 2017

A new way to Search AAP content is about to be released for testing. This testing will be done by a team of AAP members and staff over the next few weeks.

Here are the improvements being put in place to make the search experience friendlier and faster:

  • Making Policy and AAP journal content easier to find in search results

  • Giving users the ability to search by policy types

  • Incorporating new filters, called contexts and facets, to help users find the most relevant search results

  • Adding an Advanced Search (Boolean and Exact Match) to help users refine search terms

  • Highlighting key words in search results

All of these features are the result of member feedback received from interviews at NCE and from the feedback widget located on  These improvements are just the first of many future iterations as we continuously make improvements to search.  

A refreshed My Account is the next focus of our efforts. A prototype was built and presented to members and staff for input. Keeping the DTI Core Principles of Connect-Simplify-Personalize in mind, the new My Account will be designed to be easy to connect to, simple to use, and personalized for member needs. Everything you need to know about your membership and interests will be available in one area. We are very excited about the new My Account and will keep you posted on our progress. 



October 2017

We did it! We made the Homepage a friendlier experience by reorganizing the content to display the subject areas you search the most.

Making the homepage easier to navigate is just one example of the progress we've made to enhance the user experience. Here are updates on some of the other work in progress: 

  • Better access to policy from the home page. Now when you click on Policy in the top drop-down menu, you will go straight to the list of policies, clinical reports and technical reports to get the information you need.

  • A new Search platform is in development and will lay the groundwork for a complete overhaul of our search capabilities. The first iteration will include an improved faceted search to narrow and filter results and better serve members and the public alike.

  • My Account platform will be redesigned to be a one-stop, personalized profile function that better reflects the Core Principles of DTI: Connect-Simplify-Personalize.

  • Updated and refreshed design elements for will be rolled out in the coming weeks and include the selection of an award-winning new font typeface called Alegreya, which provides a humanistic feeling to compliment the unique, hand-cut letters in our Della Robbia logo. Color palettes, forms, panels, buttons and toggles are just a few of the foundational pieces that will be refreshed to deliver a unified and consistent user experience. These design elements will be implemented on other AAP digital platforms as DTI progresses to further strengthen and unify our identity.

  • Feedback from members at our National Conference along with input from the DTI Staff Core Team continues to help the project stay on course to provide a digital transformation to support your needs.


These changes and updates are just the beginning of the journey to bring continuous improvements to your online experience. But we'd love to hear from you! To make this easier we have added feedback and polling widgets like the ones you see below. 


July 2017 Homepage

Beginning on August 1, we will be rolling out a major update to, which will include a reorganization of the content on the homepage. There are several reasons for these changes, including:

  • Improving the user experience of the homepage
  • Prioritizing content based on user needs
  • Easier navigation to key AAP sites

Feedback and Polling

On July 12th, we implemented a minor update to, Search, and Shop that included a new feedback and polling widget. The reasons for these changes include:

  • Improved analytics
  • Feedback loops so that we can continually improve
  • Polls that will help inform future improvements