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New Book from the American Academy of Pediatrics Shows How Pediatricians Improve Children's Lives Worldwide

9/2/2013 For Release: September 2, 2013

Since pediatrics emerged as a medical discipline, a commitment to advocating for children’s health and well-being has always played a role. Pediatricians provide a voice to advocate for the rights of children in their own communities, and around the world.

A new book from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Global Child Health Advocacy: On the Front Lines (September 2013), inspires and equips physicians and other health care providers to join together and work for positive change. Edited by pediatricians and former AAP presidents Stephen Berman, MD, FAAP, and Judith Palfrey, MD, FAAP, Global Child Health Advocacy features first-hand accounts from doctors who have worked in their communities to improve the lives of children.

“Pediatricians have practiced advocacy skills to improve child health outcomes at the individual, community and systems levels,” said Dr. Palfrey. “The examples in this book provide principles and guidance for child health professionals working in global health who want to address the root causes of childhood mortality and morbidity, and who want to eliminate persistent health disparities.”

Intended as an inspirational guide for child health advocates, this first-in-its-field resource offers up-close accounts of successful initiatives straight from the front lines. Through these stories, child care leaders give an inside look at the strategies, tools and techniques child health advocates have used to promote health, deliver targeted care, and implement policies to improve children’s lives.

Chapters in Global Child Health Advocacy chronicle the experiences of top-tier advocates in every corner of the globe:

·       Improving access to care in Nigeria

·       Creating a public child medical insurance system in China

·       Haemophilus influenzae vaccine advocacy in Guatemala

·       Implementing the national immunization program in the U.S.

·       Community partnerships for polio eradication in India

·       Malnutrition crisis intervention in Niger

·       HIV advocacy in South Africa

·       Reducing neonatal mortality in Chile

·       Campaigning against tobacco in the western Pacific

·       Preventing diarrheal diseases in Peru

Topics covered in the book include immunizations, nutrition, acute and chronic health care, maternal and newborn health, health promotion and child development. Global Child Health Advocacy is sure to inspire physicians, nurse practitioners, public health professionals and policy makers to forge positive change to improve the lives of children. 

Global Child Health Advocacy is available starting Sept 5 from the AAP at

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