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Statement from the AAP About Charlottesville Violence



"The American Academy of Pediatrics values all children, whatever their race, ethnicity or background. The events that recently occurred in Charlottesville were horrifying and deeply shocking to AAP members and harmful to children who witnessed and heard about it. Racism and other forms of intolerance damage children's health in myriad concrete, well-documented ways.

"At the AAP, our vision is that all children have optimal health and well-being, and that they are valued by society. The same is true for our members – that they practice the highest quality health care, and experience professional satisfaction and personal well-being no matter their individual background and attributes.

"Our vision is threatened by the bigotry, hate-filled violence and racism on display in Charlottesville.

"From the founding of the AAP in 1930, pursuing our vision has included treasuring the uniqueness of each child. We have worked to foster a health care system -- and communities -- that celebrate all aspects of the diversity of each child and family. The children we care for are increasingly diverse, with differences that may include race, ethnicity, national origin, language spoken at home, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, gender identity and expression, and other attributes.

"Celebrating the diversity of children and families and promoting nurturing, inclusive environments means actively opposing intolerance, bigotry and discrimination. This has always been the commitment of the AAP. Our children must grow up feeling like valued members of our communities. We will do all we can to make sure that every child lives in an environment free of intolerance."


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