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Youth Agricultural Injuries: A Serious Problem in the U.S.


Children and youth who live and/or work on farms can suffer from serious or even fatal injuries caused by agricultural industrial hazards, such as falls from tractors or machinery accidents. It's a serious problem in the U.S., according to a study in the April 2012 Pediatrics. The study, "Incidence and Cost of Injury Among Youth in Agricultural Settings, United States, 2001-2006," published online March 12, examined data from the Childhood Agricultural Injury Survey and other national datasets for the period 2001-2006.

Similar to adult agricultural injuries, youth agricultural injuries tend to be more serious and more costly than nonagricultural injuries. More than 26,000 incidents occurred annually to children ages 0 to 19, and 14 percent of injured youth were hospitalized. These injuries cost society billions of dollars every year, and 84 fatalities each year cost an estimated $420 million. Most farm-related injuries in youth were not work-related. Study authors conclude that injury prevention efforts should focus on better supervision of children and making sure youth are assigned work that is appropriate to their developmental abilities.

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