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Media Kit: Immunization


​​The AAP has assembled key reports, research and other resources to assist reporters in their research on immunization. Media representatives who need help locating experts to interview should contact the AAP Department of Public Affairs at 630-626-6877 or Parent resources are available at or

AAP Recommended Immunization Schedules

AAP Policies

AAP publishes its official recommendations on immunizations in the form of policy statements published in the journal, Pediatrics, as well as in sections of the AAP Red Book, a publication that is updated in print form every three years and more frequently online. Policy statements from Pediatrics are available free of charge to the general public by following the links below. The AAP Red Book is available only by subscription, and journalists who would like specific excerpts should contact the AAP Department of Public Affairs. In some cases, the AAP Red Book will contain the more current information.