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Additional Resources

Articles of Interest

As the approach to NAS care has evolved, diverse groups of providers have come together to actively assess and study evidence based practice and best outcomes for families and infants with NAS. The scholarly articles provided here are a small sampling of the long list of pivotal studies and public health data that have set the tone for improving care for the mother-infant dyad with OUD in pregnancy. Current foundations of NAS care include non-pharmacologic care, evaluation of pharmacologic care, standardized care practices and quality improvement, and emphasis on public health dimensions of comprehensive care for the mother-infant dyad.

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State Collaboratives

Many State Collaboratives exist that are dedicated to improving outcomes for mothers and infants with NAS.  A few are listed here. Access informative webinars, standardized care protocols and ideas, QI projects, and parent education materials. Many collaborative teams include our own AAP members! 

Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative

ILPQC (Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative) MNO Initiative (Mothers and Newborns Affected by Opioids) 

NeoQIC (Neonatal Quality Improvement Collaborative of Massachusetts)

State Perinatal Quality Collaboratives with NAS Programs