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8 Things You Can Do to Support ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day


On the first day of summer, June 21, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reminds parents to ensure their kids are safe from guns before playdates by asking about gun safety and storage. Firearm injuries are one of the top three causes of death among children and teens—about 78 children, teens and young adults are injured and killed every day by guns.

Here are 8 suggestions on how to participate in ASK Day this year:

  1. Start early by supporting National Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 7. The event, AKA Wear Orange Day, supports the issue of gun violence prevention, and it’s just a couple weeks before ASK Day, so it’s a great opportunity to launch your gun safety campaign early. Take a photo wearing orange, a color that symbolizes safety from gunfire, and post it to your social media account on June 7 to show support. It’s not too late to show support, people are participating all weekend!

  2. Promote gun safety on your social media platforms—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram—using the hashtag #ASKingSavesKids to remind people that the only way to make sure children won’t find and use a gun it to lock it up, separately from ammunition, and keep the keys and combinations out of little hands. When children, teens and young people have access to guns without parental oversight, tragic and permanent things can happen.

  3. Write an Op-Ed for your local newspaper on a relevant topic—i.e. parental responsibility, gun regulations and laws, safety standards or the need for more research on gun safety techniques. The AAP offers members help and training in Op-Ed writing; visit the AAP’s Prevent Gun Violence Op-Ed Toolkit.

  4. Call a local reporter and pitch an interview on the topic of gun safety. Offer resources from the AAP’s Gun Safety and Children campaign site. Learn more at the AAP’s Working With the Media page.

  5. Host an ASK Day Event at your hospital, a local community center, the gun range or store in your area or local schools to talk about the value of gun safety and asking about guns in the home before playdates. During the event distribute gun locks, ASK Day materials and/or gun safety brochures. Download ASK Day Materials, posters, and other resources for your waiting room.

  6. Get involved in gun safety advocacy efforts. Visit the AAP’s Federal Affairs Advocacy Action Center for more information.

  7. Record a YouTube Video about gun safety, gun regulations, or protecting kids from gun violence (among other important related topics) and share your life-saving message using the hashtag #ASKingSavesKids.

  8. Announce a year-round commitment to gun safety. This commitment could be to talk to every family you see about gun safety and prevention, to offer free gun locks out of your hospital to anyone who asks, or to display ASK Day gun safety literature in your practice waiting room or exam rooms.

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