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American Academy of Pediatrics Offers New Public Service Announcement on Boosting Brain Development for Babies


​Psst! Do you know the secret to baby brain development? It's you! As a parent, one of the best ways to boost your baby's brain development is by reading, talking and singing to your infant. In a new public service announcement for December 2019, the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to read, talk and sing with their infants starting from birth. In the 30-second PSA, pediatrician Dr. Anita Chandra reminds parents that fancy toys are not needed – a simple book, set of blocks, or the game of peek-a-boo are all great ways to engage babies and boost their brain development.  

The 30-second PSA, "Early Brain" is available for download at

A series of PSAs will be offered for the calendar year 2019. For more information, contact AAP Public Affairs at or 630-626-6877.    


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