Chapter Awards Recognition Program

​District Vice Chairpersons oversee the Chapter Awards Recognition Program, including annual review of award criteria, submission process by chapters, and selection of recipients for the Outstanding Chapter Awards, Award of Chapter Excellence, and the AAP Special Achievement Awards.  Chapters must submit an annual report in order to be considered for the Outstanding Chapter Award and the Award of Chapter Excellence.  Chapters are categorized according to membership size (small 1-200 voting members; medium 201-500 voting members; large 501-1000 voting members; very large 1001+ voting members) when being considered for the Outstanding Chapter Award and Award of Chapter Excellence. Contact Hope Hurley, Manager, District Relations for more information about the Chapter Awards Recognition Program. The Outstanding Chapter Awards are supported by Abbott Nutrition.

Outstanding Chapter Award

The District Vice Chairpersons read and score the annual reports from each of the chapters within their respective district and may nominate one chapter in each size category (small, medium, large, and very large) for consideration of the Outstanding Chapter Award. Once all the nominations are received, the committee reads and scores all the nominated chapter reports and submits score sheets to the national office. The top three scoring chapters in each size category will be considered finalists. 

Chapter presidents from these finalist chapters are invited to present to the Outstanding Chapter Award Selection Committee (District Vice Chairpersons) during the AAP Annual Leadership Forum (ALF). All chapters that were nominated, but did not receive, the Outstanding Chapter Award will receive Awards of Chapter Excellence. 

Award Recipients for the Past Ten Years*

​Small Chapter
​Medium Chapter
​Large Chapter
​Very Large
​District of Columbia
​South Carolina
​California Chapter 3
​California Chapter 4
​Puerto Rico
​New Jersey
​British Columbia 
​Rhode Island 

*The last ten years are noted for historical reference; only chapters receiving an award in the last three years are ineligible, however.

Awards of Chapter Excellence

All nominees for Outstanding Chapter Awards that did not receive that award will be given an Award of Chapter Excellence. Awards of Chapter Excellence will consist of a certificate and will be presented by District Vice Chairpersons during the district meetings.

AAP Special Achievement Awards

The Special Achievement Award was created in 1991 to recognize chapters and individuals for achievements or projects that do not necessarily meet the criteria for the Outstanding Chapter Award. Chapter presidents include candidates when submitting their chapter annual report and the District Vice Chairpersons review these suggestions and submit nominations to the national office in January.

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