About the Building


Abou​t the​​​​ Building 

The home for the f​​​​uture​ of children's health

The new AAP headquarters will replace our ​​current outdated facility with a home for today's world and tomorrow's—the next generation of medical professionals, and our next generation of leadership on behalf of children everywhere.​​​

A central location f​​or our n​​ational membership

In Itasca, Illinois, just 10 miles from O'Hare International Airport, our new headquarters will provide an ideal central location for our national membership and the many partners with whom we work.

The space we need for ​our future

The new AAP headquarters will have the space we need for the many activities and programs we manage today and will accomodate our future needs. The square footage will increase from 130,000 to 183,000 and we will increase our meeting space from 23 to 81 rooms. The entire second floor will be dedicated to meeting space; flexible enough to accommodate small and large gatherings. 

Technology for tomorro​w's professionals

The new AAP headquarters will not just be a physical space—it will also be a virtual home, utilizing technology that tomorrow's world requires and tomorrow's professionals need. With state-of-the-art audiovisual and connectivity, it will be possible for a pediatrician to seamlessly join a meeting, access CME materials on-demand, and to collaborate with colleagues, leaders, and organizations across the country.

Sustainable design for a healthier world

The new AAP headquarters will feature a reflective roof, extensive daylighting, and LED lighting; a high-efficiency HVAC system; and native plantings and bioswales. The new headquarters will reflect our commitment to a healthier world for children, while lowering energy costs so we can devote more funds to the programs and activities that make the biggest difference.


​New Building Details​