Evaluation Tools

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation is an essential part of any new program. This curriculum provides a variety of ways with which to evaluate the implementation of this residency curriculum and your learners' performance.

Pre/Post Tests

The Pre- and Post-test are tools that allow you to access the knowledge, practice patterns, and confidence of learners before and after the curriculum. The Pre- and Post-tests can be printed, and residents can fill them out by hand or can be put into an online format using a survey tool. The Pre- and Post-tests do not have the same questions to ensure learners choose their answers from knowledge rather than memorization.

Resident Care Evaluation

The following evaluations can be used during an Observed Structured Clinical Examination or during a real patient encounter. Observe the resident while counseling the patient on breastfeeding. Have a faculty record the observation using this form and then discuss the results with the resident. If observing a real encounter, not all questions may be applicable. 

Overall Curriculum Impact Evaluation

Developing a Breastfeeding Residency Curriculum can be a daunting task. To help, we have provided planning tools to make it easier.

Data Collection Guide 
It is helpful to document the impact of breastfeeding interventions at your institution and the benefit of the Breastfeeding Residency Curriculum. If your institution does not collect breastfeeding data for their entire patient population, the Data Collection Guide will help you develop a method to measure breastfeeding rates.