How AAP Supports Advocacy Efforts

​How AAP Supports Advocacy Efforts

The AAP is involved in many breastfeeding advocacy efforts with the help of the Department of Federal Affairs, the Department of Community, Chapter, and State Affairs, and the Private Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee.
  • Federal Affairs
    The AAP Department of Federal Affairs, based in Washington DC, represents the policy positions of the AAP before the US Congress and other government departments and agencies.

  • State Government Affairs
    The AAP Division of State Government Affairs, located at the Academy's Elk Grove Village headquarters, provides consultation on state legislative and regulatory activities and assists AAP chapters and members with addressing child and adolescent health and pediatric practice issues and strategies under consideration by state and local governments.

  • Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators Roster
    AAP Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinators (CBCs) are pediatricians appointed by their AAP Chapter President who work with their state Chapter and in their community on breastfeeding support and promotion. CBCs work hard to make sure that the members of their AAP Chapter are up to date on the latest breastfeeding education and advocacy activities.

  • Contact Your State AAP Chapter
    Your Chapter wants to work with you on these issues. Please contact them for assistance and to inform them of your efforts.​
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