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Donor Milk Drive Toolkit

Milk Drive CoverProfessional women who are breastfeeding or expressing milk for their babies may struggle to attend conferences or meetings without the baby. Facilities to pump, store, and freeze breastmilk are not always readily available. Mothers may struggle to transport a large amount of milk back home and for lack of better options may discard milk. Mothers may be more willing to attend conferences if they are aware of the organization’s support for her to breastfeed, pump and store her breastmilk. A donor milk drive will: 

  1.  Assure mothers that their efforts of pumping milk and breastfeeding are honored, 
  2.  Provide a substitute to discarding precious milk, 
  3.  Drive information about milk donation, and 
  4.  Boost donations to human milk banks 

If you or your organization is thinking about hosting a milk drive – the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Donor Milk Drive Toolkit can help you get started. The AAP has developed a milk drive toolkit that includes steps to guide you through the milk drive planning and organizing process. Download the Donor Milk Drive Toolkit here.

2019 National Conference & Exhibition 

AAP NCE 2019Plans are underway to organize a milk drive at the 2019 National Conference in New Orleans, LA. The conference will provide breastfeeding attendees with an opportunity to donate excess milk to a local milk bank.  

The event aims to raise awareness about the need for human milk donations and the importance of human milk banks for sick or premature infants.

All potential donors will be required to complete screening steps.

Visit this website regularly for updates pertaining to the 2019 National Conference Mothers' Milk Drive.