Objective Structured Clinical Examination Case Study Set Up

​Objective Structured Clinical Examination Case Study

Actual diagnosis:

Concerns about breastfeeding

Case objective(s) for students:

  • ​​Demonstrate obtaining an appropriate history from a postpartum mother who is attempting to breastfeed
  • Assess current breastfeeding technique
  • Instruct mother in proper breastfeeding technique
  • Educate mother about breastfeeding and anticipate common breastfeeding problems and concerns

Presenting complaint/Opening statement:

Postp​artum visit with questions/concerns about breastfeeding. "How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?"

Patient demographics:

  • Age range: 38 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Any
  • Height/Weight: Any

Medical Setting/Location:

Postpartum ward

Patient clothing:

Hospital gown worn over white T-shirt, one artificial breast pinned to the t-shirt, sweat pants or pajama bottoms

Gown required during encounter? Yes

Door sign with this case? Yes

Findings card with this case? No

Any other document(s) for this case? Yes

  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination Case Study: Standardized Patient Description and Script
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination Case Study: Performance Assessment


  • This case also requires newborn mannequins and receiving blankets
  • The Standardized Patient will have with them a handwritten version of script questions that they will use during the encounter

Standardized Patient directions:

  • Apply "C" hold to breast
  • Hold infant in proper alignment: ear, shoulder, hip straight line, tummy to tummy
  • Tickle infant's lower lip with nipple
  • Hold infant's mouth at nipple level​

This case was authored by Cheryl Wallerstedt MS, RNC, IBCLC, revised by K. Alvarez, T. McCarty and E. Espey, and provided by Tony Ogburn, MD, FACOG, from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, 2006.

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