Practice Based Learning

Practice Based Learning and ​Improvement

Residents will educate themselves, medical students, and others regarding breastfeedin​g.

 Learner O​​bjective

  1. Participate in the development of educational materials on breastfeeding.

 Activitie​​s and Evaluation Strategies


  1. Deliver a presentation of the 2-3 most common reasons given by mothers for discontinuing breastfeeding within the first month, and strategies for minimizing these outcomes:
    • Insufficient milk production
    • Problems with attachment (milk transfer and latch)
    • Lack of maternal confidence
    Portions of the Management of Common Breastfeeding Situations Presentation  can be used for this lecture.

    Teaching evaluation of lecture given.
    Additional Activities
    1. Choose 1 piece of breastfeeding educational material that is provided by the hospital or clinic for the patient population. Critically evaluate the material for cultural competency and accuracy and provide suggested revisions, if necessary. 
      Grade the quality of the revisions to the educational material evaluated by the resident.
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