Practice Based Learning


Module 4: Practice Based Learning and ‚ÄčImprovement

Learners will educate themselves and others about breastfeeding .

Learner Objective: Learners will be able to

  1. Participate in the development of educational materials on breastfeeding.

Essential Activities

  1. Have learners research, develop, and deliver short presentations on the top 2-3 reasons people discontinue breastfeeding. Have learners deliver the presentations to a larger group. Make sure learners include community factors and not just behavioral.

    Additional Activities (Optional)
    1. Have learners list 1-5 breastfeeding quality improvement project ideas.
    2. Have learners do an evaluation on some aspect of breastfeeding (practice, policy, educational tools) and present their evaluation findings at a relevant conference.
    3. Have learners self-reflect on aspects of their own knowledge or system of practice that needs improvement.
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